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HBO's 24/7 Jimmie Johnson, episode two

Episde two, here we go:

Best Spoken Line, Jimmie Johnson: "I have really hurt our chances to win this thing out of the gate." After crashing the No. 99 car in practice for the Rolex 24.

Best Spoken Line, Bob Stallings, owner of the 99 car: "If we're not prepared to deal with this, we shouldn't be out here," after Jimmy wrecked in practice.

Best Spoken Line, Gary Johnson, Jimmie's father: "Everything he did, he was on something with an engine."

Best Spoken Line, Chad Knaus: "When we walk out this door, it's time for us to go racing ... did you bring your notebook?"

Best Spoken Line, Chad, part 2: "I'm a very direct, outgoing person but I don't have a lot of patience."

Best Written Line: Opening again -- "Many hands put the 48 car together, but only two control its fate." Props to Peter Nelson who is taking on the role of writer while Aaron Cohen works the Winter Olympics. He hasn't missed a beat.

Training Days: The practice routines by the pit crew, as orchestrated as a complex football play.

Scenic View: The painting of the 48 car.

Best supporting cast: Gary Johnson. You get the sense that even if his son wasn't the best driver in the world, they'd still be sitting in  a pair of lawn chairs talking racing at the track.

* Love the pit crew doing yoga. Yes, that was Enya on HBO. Let me say it again. That was Enya on HBO.

* "It is the 48th running of the Rolex 24." Chandra wasn't having it.

* The entire trip into the Rolex 24 and endurance racing was interesting. Shows how much luck can be involved in racing.

* I wonder how much of corporate America follows Chad's explanation of hiring by personality traits, not talent. Works for the 48 team.

* Culture in Charlotte. Isn't that like an oxymoron? Sorry, as a New Yorker, I couldn't resist that one. I'm sure it's great. And the scenes of the race over the opera music was cool.

* My kids hear so much of Liev Schreiber's voice in the house they think he's part of the family.

Next episode, Tuesday, Feb. 9. 10 p.m.


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