As Reality TV goes, this one really has a chance. The tag line asks, “Who will have the guts to become the next face of NASCAR?”

From watching an advance copy of the first show, it’s easy to see that all these kids have guts. NASCAR and BET have combined to produce, “Changing Lanes,” which chronicles the lives of 30  (at least to start with) minority drivers as they strive for four spots on the Revolution Racing team. Many of these young drivers are the product of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program. The program debuts on Wednesday, September 1, at 8 p.m. on BET.

They come from all over the United States, fresh-faced, bright-eyed and eager to impress the judges. They all have driving talent, or they wouldn’t be there. Which – in the realm of reality TV – says a heck of a lot more about these kids than say, the cast of "Jersey Shore."

To be fair, the producers aren’t exactly calling it a reality TV show. They are calling it – a docu-reality competition series.

Still, there is no forced drama here, no exploiting boorish behavior. The goal of this show – unlike other reality mistakes – is not to broadcast the embarrassing escapades of young men and women. These kids are racing toward a legitimate goal. These are the kind of kids you want to root for. Making this racing team will change their lives. When you think about that – as opposed to whether or not Snookie gets a date on Saturday night – it puts the show into its proper perspective.

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The footage is great and the drama and emotion is real. The show is narrated by rapper and actor Ludacris.

"This has been an historic year on-track from Revolution Racing and NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program. Changing Lanes positions viewers to experience the road which led to this landmark success," said Max Siegel, CEO of Revolution Racing and Creator/Executive Producer of the show. "We knew when creating this show that there was nothing like it on television because NASCAR is a unique and specialized world."

"The partnership between BET and NASCAR is unique and exciting and breaks new ground for both properties," said Marcus Jadotte, Managing Director of Public Affairs for NASCAR, who oversees the sanctioning body's diversity programs. "We believe the stories of these aspiring young drivers captured in the show will resonate with the NASCAR audience and BET viewers alike."

Here are some of the young drivers to keep an eye as the series opens --
Dylan Smith, Michael Cherry, Natalie Sather, Paulie Harraka, Darrell Wallace Jr., Juan Pitta and Sergio Pena.