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Myles Garrett, Ron Artest and other notable times when athletes crossed the line

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hits Steelers quarterback

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hits Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with a helmet on Nov. 14 in Cleveland.  Credit: AP/David Richard

When Myles Garrett attacked Mason Rudolph with a helmet in the final seconds of the Browns-Steelers game Thursday night, a national television audience was witness to another ugly example of an athlete crossing the line.

All sports have their share of fighting, but some incidents are so violent that they leave a lasting impression. Among them are these memorable cases when one player or players went into attack mode:

Aug. 22, 1965: Juan Marichal hits John Roseboro in the head with a bat

After a high and inside pitch by the Dodgers' Sandy Koufax, Roseboro's return throw whizzed close to Marichal's ear. Roseboro moved toward the Giants' pitcher, who then swung his bat and hit Roseboro on the head. The attack opened a bloody, two-inch gash. Marichal was ejected. Roseboro left the game with a blood-soaked towel on his head.

Marichal was suspended for eight games and fined $1,750. Roseboro later sued Marichal for $110,000 in damages, a case settled in 1970.

Dec. 9, 1977: Kermit Washington punches Rudy Tomjanovich

With a fight already going on at midcourt in a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston, the Rockets' Tomjanovich was playing peacemaker when Washington landed a sucker punch -- forever known around the NBA as "The Punch." Tomjanovich was unconscious and bleeding, and needed multiple operations to repair facial fractures.

Washington was fined $10,000 and suspended for 26 games.

Feb. 21, 2000: Marty McSorley hits Donald Brashear in the head with his stick

With three seconds left in a game in Vancouver, the Bruins' McSorley swung his stick using both hands and hit Brashear in the head. Brasher fell backward and hit his head on the ice, was unconscious for a brief time.

McSorley was suspended indefinitely, missing the final 23 games of the season. On Oct. 4, 2000, a Canadian court found him guilty of assault and placed him on probation with no jail time.

Nov. 19, 2004: Pacers-Pistons fight spills into stands

The “Malice in the Palace” started when Indiana's Ron Artest fouled Detroit's Ben Wallace. Wallace shoved back, other players got involved and Artest wound up lying on the scorer's table. A fan then threw a drink on Artest, prompting him and teammate Stephen Jackson to confront fans in the stands. Punches were thrown.

Nine players were suspended for 140 games, with Artest getting 73 games and Jackson 30.

Jan. 25, 1972: Ohio State’s Luke Witte attacked by Minnesota players

In the final seconds of a heated Big Ten Conference basketball game in Minneapolis, Ohio State center  Witte was knocked to the floor as he attempted a layup. Minnesota’s Corky Taylor extended a hand to Witte to help him up, but then deliberately kneed Witte in the groin and punched him in the head. As Witte lay sprawled, Taylor’s teammate Ron Behagen kicked and stomped Witte unconscious. Witte’s teammate Dave Merchant was punched several times by Gopher Jim Brewer. Another Buckeye, Mark Wagar, was attacked by Dave Winfield, who landed a number of punches to Wagar’s head. Witte was hospitalized for several days, needing 29 facial stiches.

The Big Ten suspended Taylor and Behagen for the rest of the season.

Sept. 21, 1969: Brain surgery needed by Ted Green

In an exhibition game in Ottawa, Ted Green of the Boston Bruins and Wayne Maki of the St. Louis Blues engaged in a bloody stick-swinging fight. Maki struck Green in the head with his stick, fracturing his skull and sending bone fragments into Green’s brain. He required hours of surgery to save his life.

Assault charges were filed against both players, and both were fined. Maki was suspended for 30 days and Green for 13 games

Jan. 6, 1988: Dino Ciccarelli gets jail time

Minnesota North Stars player Ciccarelli viciously attacked Toronto Maple Leafs player Luke Richardson, repeatedly hitting him in the head with his stick. Richardson, who was not injured, was wearing a helmet. Ciccarelli was ejected and suspended for 10 games. He was also sentenced to one day in jail and fined $1,000.

Nov. 5, 1975: Dan Maloney attacks from behind

 Detroit Red Wings player Maloney attacked Brian Glennie of the Toronto Maple Leafs from behind, hitting him with his stick and his fists and continually slamming Glennie’s head to the ice. Glennie was hospitalized with a concussion. Maloney was given a five-minute major penalty.

The following year, Maloney was acquitted of assault charges in Toronto.

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