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Namath Apologizes to Kolber

Joe Namath apologized to ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber

for twice saying he wanted to kiss her during a nationally televised interview

Saturday night. "Joe apologized, I accepted, it's over," Kolber said yesterday

after speaking by telephone with the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Namath, 60, was honored with other members of the Jets' 40th anniversary

team Saturday night when the Jets played the New England Patriots. The team

honored the players with a pregame reception and halftime ceremony. In an

interview with Kolber during the second quarter, Namath discussed Chad

Pennington's ability to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl title and spoke about the

team's struggles this season, before twice telling Kolber, "I want to kiss

you." ESPN producers cut the interview short because of Namath's strange


Namath was hired this season to serve as goodwill ambassador for the team

he famously led to its only Super Bowl championship in 1969.

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