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NFL competition committee proposes overtime change for playoffs

The NFL's competition committee is proposing a change to the overtime format in playoff games and will discuss the plan with owners at their spring meeting March 21-24 in Orlando, Fla.

Here's how the proposal would work, according to a person with knowledge of the competition committee's deliberations:

If the OT receiving team scores a touchdown, the game is over.

If the receiving team does not score and the opposing team kicks a field goal or scores a touchdown, that team wins.

If the receiving team kicks a field goal on its first possession, the opposing team gets a possession. If that team does not score, the game is over.

Earlier this month, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell indicated he doubted any overtime changes would be enacted, saying: " . . . The [current] rule has served the league well, but we'll continue to look for a solution. But I wouldn't hold your breath for that solution."

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