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2012 Summer Olympics: Archery

Archers shoot arrows from 70 meters — about three-quarters of a football field — at a bull’s-eye that is 4.8 inches across, about the size of a grapefruit. In shooting each arrow, they pull more than 30 pounds of force so that, with years of training and competition, a lot of archers have one side of their backs become overmuscled, pulling the spine over. That can be alleviated by doing the same number of pulls with the opposite arm in training. Aerobic fitness, and the corresponding ability to control the heart rate, are crucial. During competition, there is no “coughing” while a fellow archer is shooting, and no trash-talking.

DID YOU KNOW? Khatuna Lorig, a 38-year-old naturalized American who will make her fifth Olympic appearance in London, tutored actress Jennifer Lawrence in wielding a bow and arrow for Lawrence’s role as Katniss Everdeen in the blockbuster movie “The Hunger Games.” Born Khatuna Kvrivichvili in the Soviet Republic of Georgia, Lorig won a bronze medal in the team archery event for the Unified Team of former Soviet republics at the 1992 Barcelona Games, competed as Khatuna Lorigi for Georgia in 1996 and 2000, and — as Khatuna Lorig — reached the quarterfinals of the 2008 Beijing Games as a member of the U.S. team, then served as American flag-bearer in Beijing’s closing ceremonies.

WATCH FOR: Arizona native Brady Ellison, ranked No. 1 in the world, is positioned to win America’s first archery medal in 12 years. Miranda Leek, a 19-year-old Iowan, might be the most competitive American woman in a sport lately dominated by South Korea.

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