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Rio Olympics: Michael Phelps gets Katie Ledecky’s autograph

Top: Michael Phelps signs an autograph for Katie

Top: Michael Phelps signs an autograph for Katie Ledecky in 2006. Bottom: Michael Phelps gets Katie Ledecky's autograph in 2016. Credit: Katie Ledecky’s Facebook page

Last week, a photo of 9-year-old Katie Ledecky getting an autograph from then-21-year-old Michael Phelps began circulating the internet.

But now it’s Ledecky, 19, who’s signing autographs for Phelps.

Ledecky, who won four gold medals in Rio and has five total, posted the 10-year-old photo and the current one to Facebook on Monday.

“Recreating a 10-year-old reverse! Katie was more than happy to sign a poster for the Greatest Olympian of All-Time,” the post read.

Phelps finished his illiustrious Olympic career with five gold medals and a silver in Rio, bringing his total to 28.

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