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Suite life for skaters Belbin and Weir

U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin will be sharing a suite at the Olympics with men's competitor Johnny Weir.

The longtime friends have their own bedrooms and bathrooms - Weir arrived first and immediately took the one with a bathtub, to Belbin's chagrin.

Belbin, who won Olympic silver in 2006 with partner Ben Agosto, says she is "thrilled" to room with someone she "grew up together with" in the sport.

Weir, fifth in Turin, has promised to make sure everything in the suite smells good.

Noting that "we are both divas," Weir said it was inevitable he and Belbin share housing for their second Olympics.

Canada's wait for gold

Canada has waited years to celebrate an Olympic gold medal on home soil. Now it's a question of when - not if - the host country will have its chance. Jenn Heil could be the first Canadian to win a gold medal at the Vancouver Games when she skis the moguls Saturday. She's the defending champion.

Canada didn't win a single gold while hosting the Calgary Winter Games in 1988 and the Montreal Summer Games in 1976.

Heil might be Canada's best hope Saturday, but she's not the only one. Earlier in the day, Manuel Osborne-Paradis is to ski the men's downhill, and if he doesn't come through, Charles Hamelin is a contender in 1,500-meter short-track speedskating.

Torch protest

Various groups from an impoverished section of downtown joined forces Friday morning and caused the Olympic torch relay to change course twice, a small but satisfying victory for protest organizers. "Community 1, Torch 0!" Lauren Gill of the Homes Not Games faction hollered into a megaphone following the first detour. - AP

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