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Bill tries to open up prime striper zone off Montauk

On Tuesday, Rep. Lee Zeldin’s EEZ Transit Zone Clarification Act unanimously passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. The bill aims to clarify federal laws governing the management of the striped bass fishery in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between Montauk and Block Island, Rhode Island, permitting striper fishing in one of Montauk’s premier hot spots to resume after a 26-year hiatus.

Between New York State waters, which end three miles off Montauk Point, and the Rhode Island boundary, which begins three miles off Block Island, lies a ribbon of federally controlled water considered part of the EEZ. It is some of the most productive striped bass water in our region but it has been off-limits to anglers — both recreational and commercial — since 1990. The EEZ, which extends up to 200 miles from the coast, are waters where the United States has exclusive jurisdiction over fisheries and other natural resources.

Congressman (R-Shirley) Zeldin’s bill, if enacted, would authorize the Secretary of Commerce to open this area to striped bass fishing, much to the delight of Montauk’s skippers.

“This would help local anglers on a couple of fronts,” said Capt. Rick Etzel, president of the Montauk Boatman’s and Captain’s Association, and skipper of the Montauk charter vessel, Breakaway, in a phone interview Thursday.

“In addition to having more productive water to fish,” said Etzel, “it should spread the fleet out to some degree so the rips around Montauk Point might see a little less bass fishing pressure. Also, the bottom-fishing for fluke, sea bass and scup is pretty good in that area — but if you already have a striper in the box [caught somewhere else] you can’t fish there for other species because you are not allowed to possess stripers while in these waters. I hope the bill continues on as quickly as possible.”

The next step, according to Zeldin’s office, is for the bill to be introduced into the Senate. So far, no senator has offered sponsorship.


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