If you are unable to draft one of the top second basemen, target Jose Lopez in the middle rounds. Lopez currently has an average draft position of 121 and is the 10th second basemen off the board. Lopez has shown improvement in each of the last few seasons.

His contact rate has always been good. He was at 89 percent last season. His power is legit and keeps improving. He has hit 10, 11, 17 and 25 home runs over the last four seasons. He also hit 42 double last season and he had a 40.8 percent fly ball rate.

Lopez  hit just .272 last season, but he has the ability to hit for a higher average. He had a .274 BABIP last season, but his career BABIP is .288 and it was .311 in 2008 when he hit .297, so he could boost his average this season.

Lopez will hit in the middle of the Mariners lineup and had 89 RBIs in 2008 and 96 last season. Lopez will give you good average, power and RBIs at the second base position.

Lopez doesn’t strikeout much, but he also doesn’t walk. If your league counts on-base percentage instead of average, then Lopez will be downgraded a bit. His on-base percentages the last four years are .319, .284, .322 and .303. That also impacts his runs scored, which have been 78, 58, 80 and 69.

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Lopez is 26 years old and keeps showing improvement. You know what you are getting with Lopez and 25-30 home runs with more than 90 RBIs is excellent production from a second baseman that you can draft around round 10.

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