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10 Questions with ROH Champ Eddie Edwards

Former tag team partners Davey Richards (L) and

Former tag team partners Davey Richards (L) and Eddie Edwards (R) do battle at Ring of Honor's "Best in the World." Credit:

Ring of Honor returns to New York CIty this Sunday with one of its biggest shows of the years, "Best in the World 2011." The show, eminating from the famed Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center, will be aired live via Internet pay per view on GoFightLive.TV. You can also buy tickets to the show here.

The main event will feature the long-awaited ROH championship match between former "American Wolves" tag team partners, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, the current title holder.

Edwards wears the company's top title during a critical point in ROH's history. The company was recently sold to TV syndicator Sinclair Broadcasting, which promises to televise ROH in more homes than ever before.

Edwards recently addressed the situation, and others, in this brief Q&A:

Q: You're the ROH champion at a pivotal time in the company's history, with its broadcast television launch coming soon. What kind of pressure does that put on you?

A: I think it's pressure on everybody in the company to take this chance and show the world what Ring of Honor is capable of. The pressure of being champ is always there. It just intensifies now that we have new ownership and our product will be going out to new fans.

Q: You once wrestled in a "ladder war" a night after breaking your arm. Do you think that could have sent the wrong message to other wrestlers about not taking the time to properly heal from injuries?

A: I don't think that's the case. If anything I think it just shows the types of things everybody is capable of when the odds are against you.

Q: Your'e the top champion in the #3 wrestling company in the U.S. What are your thoughts about the to champions in the #2 and #1 companies--Ken Anderson and John Cena?

A: They are champions for a reason.

Q: ROH returns to the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center this weekend for "Best in the World." New York City has played host to some memorable moments in ROH history. What's your favorite?

A: Well for me I will definitely have to go with the last Manhattan Mayhem event (when Edwards won the ROH title on March 19) due to the fact that that's the night I achieved my dream and became the Ring of Honor champion.

Q: Not including anyone in Ring of Honor, who do you think is the "best in the world"?

A: There are so many talented wrestlers in the world that it is way too hard of a statement to make. I'm sure there are guys out there who are some of the best in the world but may not have had the chance to show what they can do.

Q: You were trained by WWE Hall of Famer Walter Kowalski. What's the best piece of advice you ever got from "The Killer"?

A: "Shoot for the stars. If you miss you, will at least land on the moon."

Q: You're a Boston native. Did you ever catch any wrestling shows at the old Boston Garden or Fleet Center? If so, what's your fondest memory?

A: Unfortunately I never made it to an event in the Garden, but I had gone to quite a few at the Fleet Center. King of the Ring 2000 sticks out for sure.

Q: Several former ROH champions have gone on to achieve fame in bigger national promotions, including Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk. Is it a goal of yours to one day work for TNA or WWE?

A: My goal is to bring the ROH product to the mainstream and show everybody what
this company is capable of. With everything that has recently happened with ROH it is a very important time in our company and we all have to be completely focused on our goals.

Q: Your match with your former American Wolves partner Davey Richards is one of the most anticipated ROH showdowns in recent memory. What's your favorite match between former tag team partners?

A: The Mega Powers exploding when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage battled at WrestleMania V.

Q: Lastly, you probably remember the 2004 World Series baseball post season a lot more fondly than us New Yorkers do. What do you remember about the night the Sox broke the curse?

A: Absolute mayhem. It was insane. Basically after coming back against YOUR Yankees, the entire area had no doubt that we were going to win the World Series. It was like there were two World Series for us that year: When we beat the Yankees and when we beat the Cardinals.

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