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2.21.11: Sting, Undertaker, someone else?

A dark promo aired toward the end of Raw last night hyping 2.21.11. That is the Monday night following the Elimination Chamber pay per view.

For those that didn’t see the promo it only showed a dark, one story house with a few windows. The backdrop was nighttime and the only part of the person you saw was their black boots and a trench coat. The obvious candidates to appear on 2.21.11 are Sting, Undertaker, and I’ve also heard rumors of Awesome Kong.

If it’s anyone but Sting or Taker I think most WWE fans will be upset unless the WWE throws us an absolute awesome curveball.

In my opinion, the WWE is being very blunt about it and it’s either Taker or Sting. I wouldn’t read too much into it. The WWE wants people to know that either one of these guys are returning soon. It’s all about creating buzz and getting people to buy Wrestlemania. That’s why the WWE is throwing this promo out there right now.

I’ll take it a step further. I would not be shocked if another 2.21.11 promo airs next week on Raw giving us an almost definitive answer on the identity of this person.

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