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20 fun facts about pro wrestling

Ric Flair is greeted by the crowd during

Ric Flair is greeted by the crowd during Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Tour at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. (November 21, 2009) Credit: Getty Images


1. The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania (19-0) and will appear in a record 20th next on April 1, 2012.

2. Triple H married Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, on TV in 2000 for storyline purposes. They eventually started dating in real life during their scripted romance and married a few years later.

3. Long Island is home to three independent wrestling promotions: Ronkonkoma-based Fight The World Pro Wrestling, Deer Park-based Victory Pro Wrestling, and the New York Wrestling Connection, which is also headquartered in Deer Park and has graduated several WWE stars, including Zack Ryder.

4. John Cena will competed in seven consecutive WrestleMania world title matches from 2005-11.

5. Former WCW and WWE champion Bill Goldberg played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1992-1994.

6. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) was named one of E!'s "top 20 entertainers of 2001.".

7. The Undertaker appeared in the 1991 movie with Hulk Hogan titled "Suburban Commando"

8. Diamond Dallas Page sued rapper Jay-Z for trademark infringement. DDP trademarked a hand gesture known as "The Diamond Cutter" that Jay-Z used in his music videos. The case was settled outside court when Jay-Z paid DDP an undisclosed amount.

9. Ric Flair was adopted, and due to a scandal within the agency that handled the arrangement, he does not know his true birth name. 

10. WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross owns a successful BBQ restaurant in his home state of Oklahoma. He also has his own line of BBQ products that include BBQ sauce and beef jerky.

11. Vince McMahon Sr. and Jr. are both members of the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame

12. Kane was the first-ever masked WWE Champion after he beat "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in 1998.

13. The WWE Hall of Fame has a celebrity wing that includes Pete Rose, Drew Carey, William "The Refrigerator" Perry and Bob Uecker.

14. Long Island hosted one-third of WrestleMania 2, which was held in three different cities. Nassau Coliseum's main event saw "Rowdy" Roddy Piper take on Mr. T in a boxing match.

15. For more than two years now, WWE has banned wrestlers from intentionally bleeding during matches. So-called "blading," in which wrestlers cut themselves with razors to introduce blood, is a common practice in wrestling going back decades.

16. Through the 1980s, WWE routinely ran events at smaller venues on Long Island, including Lawrence High School and Southampton College.

17. Nassau Coliseum has hosted nearly 200 wrestling shows since opening in 1973. The first WWE (then the WWWF--World Wide Wrestling Federation) show in the venue took place in February 1974, and featured Bruno Sammartino taking on Stan "The Man" Stasiak.

18. Although the official WWE Hall of Fame doesn't have an actual location, there does exist a Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in Upstate Amsterdam. Inductees include "Killer" Kowalski and Captain Lou Albano.

19. Yes, we know it's "fake." WWE Chairman Vince McMahon first publicly stated that match outcomes were "predetermined" during testimony before the New Jersey State Senate in 1989. Today WWE openly acknowledges its scripted nature.

20. Two Long Island natives have gone on to win the WWE Championship -- Manhasset's Chris Jericho and Setauket's Mick Foley. Jericho, now competing in "Dancing With The Stars," is the son of former Ranger Ted Irvine.

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