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Can Kane regain his 1998 character?

For years now fans have been screaming for Kane to become a monster again and put the mask back on. People want to see Kane as the monster heel he once was when he debuted in 1997 and ripped the door off the Hell in the Cell. He then preceded to Tombstone the Undertaker and give Shawn Michaels the win.

For Kane to get back to that level, which he’s almost there, he does not need to put the mask back on. Putting a red-and-black leather mask on his head does nothing for the character. His actions are the key if he is to become that super heel he once was.

By the WWE putting the world heavyweight title on him, you know they are serious about pushing him. The only time he held the WWE title was in 1998, during the height of his career. However, he lost that title less than 24 hours later to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He needs to hold the title much longer this time around and defend it successfully.

The WWE has done this so far. CHECK

-Usually, heels with the title play the "cowardly heel“role, very similar to Sheamus. It works for some, but not for Kane’s character. He must stay dominant as he did at Summerslam against Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker.

The WWE has done this so far. CHECK

-If the Undertaker is losing his powers, then Kane should get a clean win over him. What does that say to the fans if Kane cannot beat a weaken Undertaker? Eventually, Taker will regain his powers and could possibly take the title from Kane. But remember, Kane lost twice to Undertaker in 1998. Taker beat his younger brother in their first meeting at Wrestlemania 14 and Unforgiven in the Inferno Match. It’s not imperative Kane gets the win as history has shown, but it would be nice because he is the champion.

This remains to be seen.

-Paul Bearer needs to make a return during this angle. Kane and Undertaker are the only links on the Smackdown brand to the Attitude Era. For some fans, this feud could be very nostalgic. He could help Taker regain his power or protect his son, Kane, from Undertaker. Either way it would be fun to see all three men involved in the same angle.

This remains to be seen.

Overall, Kane is on a good path to regaining his 1998 image. I think Kane is one of the most versatile stars the WWE has had over the last 15 years. Think about it; he’s done just about everything. He’s played a monster heel when he  debuted. He was a huge face in the early 2000s, especially when he was tagging with Undertaker during the WCW invasion. He can sustain long periods of time facing random guys in the mid card and then bounce right back to the main event scene and establish himself as a contender for the title. He’s a veteran who’s been around a long time and it seems as if he never takes a vacation or gets injured.

Here’s to yet another Kane/Undertaker feud that might actually be better than all the previous ones.


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