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Daniel Bryan returns to the WWE at Summerslam

Former WWE and NXT star, Daniel Bryan.

Former WWE and NXT star, Daniel Bryan. Photo Credit: WWE Photo

When fans look back at Summerslam 2010, it will be remembered for one hell of a return. And it has nothing to do with the return of the Undertaker. Let’s get right to the action from the Staples Center in L.A.:

Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) fought Kofi Kingston to a no-contest for the Intercontinental Title

Nexus interfered and beat both Ziggler and Kingston to a pulp. Nexus basically did what they’ve been doing the last few weeks on Raw, but this match was more important than any random match. I’m very disappointed that we didn’t get a true winner here. I understand that some matches can come off okay without a true winner, but not a match for the IC Title at Summerslam. Furthermore, this has been a very strong feud on Smackdown and it deserved better than this. At least this rivalry will continue for another month.

Melina defeated Alicia Fox to win the WWE Divas Championship

No big shock here. Melina had all the momentum going her way since she returned. Melina is the face of the women’s division as she has is most popular among all the divas. I really liked the push Fox received in Melina’s absence and I hope the WWE doesn’t forget about her in the future.

Big Show defeated C.M. Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury (w/Serena) in a handicap match

Handicap matches serve no purpose and when they make it to a pay per view you really know they mean nothing. The only saving grace in this match was that the Big Show pinned Mercury and Gallows. Looks like this feud will continue with Punk and Big Show and I’m cool with that. As long as it’s a one-on-one match.

Before the WWE Title match the Miz cut a great promo where he announced he will be the seventh member of Team WWE.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus by DQ for the WWE Championship

This was a match I was very excited to see because Sheamus has only gotten better over the last few months and Orton has been spectacular in every facet of his game lately. The match was solid from start to finish and they key was that the WWE gave these guys almost 20 minutes. That might seem risky since these two haven’t worked much in the past, but to this point of the night it was the best match. As for the ending, again, not happy with yet another no decision. The real kicker here is that the DQ came when the referee called for the bell after Sheamus - with a chair in hand – threw the ref off to the side. Very weak and not exciting at all.

It was salvaged a little bit by Orton going to his “viper” level and delivering an RKO to Sheamus on the announcer’s table. I would have been okay if the match was a DQ, but as a result of Orton going nuts and getting out of control. At least if Orton caused the DQ it would have set up a future match between the two where no-holds barred would be set as the stipulation.

Kane pinned Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

This match was short and sweet and right to the point. It was a decent match and no one was really expecting much as it was all about Undertaker. Kane got the clean win over Rey after a Tombstone. First of all, Kane – a heel – getting the pin on a face like Rey is wonderful. It shows that the WWE truly intends on really milking Kane as a monster which is where he is at his best.

After the match, Kane opens goes to stick Rey in a casket only to find the Undertaker laying in it. Taker sits up and the crowd goes nuts. It looks as if Rey is the attacker and Undertaker makes the gesture for a Tombstone while looking at Rey. Then Undertaker slaps a chokeslam grip on Kane – crowd goes wild here again. However, in a shocking turn of events, Kane gets the better of the exchange and hits Taker with a Tombstone.

Nice little swerve there as everyone knew Taker would come back, but to have Kane get the better of the situation was a shock. Keep pushing Kane as a monster and this feud with Taker could be a throwback to their 1998 feud.

Nexus vs. Team WWE

Ready for a shocking twist here. John Cena replaces the Miz on Team WWE with DANIEL BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cena says the WWE could not wait for the Miz to give his answer and that’s why they replaced him. Now it seems like the WWE is going to win this. Who knows Nexus better than the man who trained with them? On a side note, Michael Cole flips out on commentary that his boy, the Miz, was replaced by Bryan. Cole has never been shy of displaying his hate for Bryan over the air. Bryan actually gets the first elimination by forcing Darren Young to tap. The crowd, which has been good all night, loves this as the energy is extremely high in the Staples Center.

Here is the order of elimination:

-Bryan forces Darren Young to tap. 7-6 WWE leads

-John Morrison pins Michael Tarver with the Starship Pain. 7-5 WWE leads

-Skip Sheffield gets in and makes quick work of Morrison. 6-5 WWE leads

-Sheffield gets on a roll and pins R-Truth. 5-5 Tied

-Bret Hart gets hit with a DQ for using a chair on Sheffield. 5-4 Nexus. This their first lead. (So upsetting not to see Hart involved in this match. I realized that if he did get into the match it wouldn’t be for long)

-Edge enters the match with a ton of fire and rage and gets the pin on Sheffield. 4-4 Tied

-Chris Jericho hits the Walls of Jericho on David Otunga. 4-3 WWE leads

-Jericho runs into Cena in a bit of confusion and that causes Heath Slater to score a pin over Jericho. 3-3 Tied

-Team WWE starts to fall apart, Edge now argues with Cena and Slater rolls Edge up for the quick pin. 3-2 Nexus leads (Edge spears Cena leaving him in the middle of the ring. Y2J and Edge are now looking like they were the beginning of the end for Team WWE)

-Cena gets the tag to Bryan who eliminates Slater. 2-2 Tied

-Miz runs in from the back and hits Bryan with the Money in the Bank briefcase when the ref wasn’t looking. Barrett gets the pin on Bryan. 2-1 Nexus leads

-Cena gets the pin on Gabriel after he misses the big 450 Splash. 1-1 Tied

-Down to Barrett and Cena. Cena gets the STF locked on Barrett and he taps. WWE wins

Overall, the show was all about three matches: Orton/Sheamus, Rey/Kane, and Team WWE/Nexus. I felt cheated with the crappy finish in the Orton match as yet another pay per view goes by leaving Orton without a title.

Kane/Rey had its moments and Kane continuing on his tear is exceptional. Savor it because it won’t last long as I don’t see Kane prevailing in his feud with Taker.

The main event was the entire show which was fully expected. This feud has consumed Raw for the last few months, but it delivered at Summerslam. The booking at the beginning of the match with Daniel Bryan and the Miz was perfect. It got the crowd going and totally pulled the rug out from underneath everyone. You don’t see many shocking moments in wrestling anymore as returns are usually spoiled. This return was classic and this Nexus angle has now given fans yet another classic moment.

As for the ending, Cena is Superman and that’s all there is to it. I would have loved to see Bryan turn on Team WWE and give Nexus the win, but in the end the WWE felt Cena needed to get the win and I disagree completely. Nexus has been built to be this huge group that has dominated everyone in their path. However, they’ve dominated everyone with sneak attacks and 7-on-1 beat downs. This was their first true test where they were facing opponents on an equal playing field. This was their moment to really shine and make their mark yet again as an elite group on Raw. By losing to Cena they don’t lose all credibility, but they do take a step back. Team WWE had nothing to lose if they took the loss.

Now we have to see how Nexus reacts following their defeat. If they come out tomorrow night on Raw and destroy everyone it doesn’t make up for losing tonight. We’ve seen them destroy everyone before, it got boring quickly.

Finally, I give Summerslam a 7/10.


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