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HBO's 'Real Sports' visiting Diamond Dallas Page's 'Accountability Crib'

Former WCW World Heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page,

Former WCW World Heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page, left, used his yoga system, DDP Yoga, to help his pro wrestling mentor, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, recover from physical ailments and substance issues. Credit: Steve Yu

As much as Mick Foley enjoyed cutting up on stage with Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts during one of his stand-up comedy performances on Aug. 4 in Atlanta, he couldn’t ignore a rather serious reality.

“I don’t want to sound morbid, but I was standing on stage with two people who weren’t supposed to be here,” Long Island’s own Foley told Newsday on Monday. “These were two guys who we [the wrestling community] expected to lose in the next few years.”

Hall and Roberts have suffered through years of substance-abuse issues. But they’re not gone, and the reasons for their resurgence, former WCW champ Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga training program, will be featured on a segment on HBO’s “Real Sports” on Tuesday. Frank Deford reported the segment.

Page also joined Foley on stage Aug. 4. The night before, Foley visited the “Accountability Crib,” the Smyrna, Ga., home where Page took Roberts last October to begin the long process of getting him cleaned up and in shape. (Newsday visited the home the month after Roberts' arrival for a feature and photo gallery.)

The positive atmosphere, Foley said, has been a good influence on the two former pro wrestlers. Hall moved in last February and now lives less than a mile from the Accountability Crib with his son Cody.

“Scott has come a long way, mending his body but also his entire life,” said Foley, who wasn’t there while the HBO segment was being taped. “He’s learning how to be a healthier person but also a better dad.”

Foley previously saw Roberts in April during the New York/New Jersey WrestleMania festivities that included Foley’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Foley says he was “stunned” to see Roberts’ progress and said it rendered shallow any excuses he had for not getting in better shape post-retirement. Foley hopes to be “the next great DDP success story” and appreciates Page continually nudging him in the right direction.

“DDP has never given up, even after I’ve given up on myself,” said Foley, who hasn’t had substance issues but suffers regular aches and pains from a career that earned him the ”Hardcore Legend” moniker. “If there is a dramatic change over the next few years, he’ll be the reason.”  

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