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Go away Michael Cole

And as strange as it may sound, the person most fans may be clamoring to hear from tonight on Monday Night Raw is Michael Cole. Following his attack on his own broadcast partner Jerry Lawler during “The King’s” world title match against The Miz last week, Cole has promised to explain his actions.

For my money, the best resolution we could hope for is for Cole to leave the announce table permanently. That’s not necessarily a knock on Cole, who, at his best, is as good as play-by-play man as WWE has right now. But he hasn’t been “at his best” in quite some time.

Rather, the inconsistent heel character that Cole has portrayed in recent months has served only to confuse fans, distract from the matches, storylines and stars and that he should be trying to get over, and just generally irritate fans (and not in a good, Miz-sort-of-way.)

Raw is in desperate need of a straight man on play-by-play, especially since CM Punk joined the broadcast team. I wouldn’t mind Cole becoming a full time heel manager, or even being revealed as the mystery G.M. But unless he’s going to go back to be a serious play-by-play man, he needs to get out from behind the broadcast position.


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