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How much did CM Punk help WWE's ratings?

The Monday Night Raw following the highly anticipated Money in the Bank pay per view drew a 3.22 rating, up from the 2.9 the week before. The 2.9 rated Raw went up against the Home Run Derby on ESPN.

The 3.22 is an improvement, but not as much as some thought it would be. With all the buzz surrounding the CM Punk angle from non-wrestling outlets, I expected a better rating. The July 4 tapped edition of Raw only did a 2.4, which was expected with the holiday. On June 27, the night Punk delivered his shoot, Raw received a 3.12 rating, which was up from the 3.06 on June 20.

So, there was a tiny bump but the real test will be the buy rate for Money in the Bank. That will be the true barometer to see how effective the CM Punk angle was. Some have said it was the best pay per view produced by the WWE all year with the John Cena-Punk match being a Match of the Year candidate.

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