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Kane BREAKS elite WrestleMania record (corrected from earlier)

So forget what I posted earlier today (I need to stop drinking at work) about Kane tying Bret Hart's record for most consecutive WrestleManias with a match.

He didn't tie Bret's record last night. He BROKE it.

Bret competed at 12 WrestleManias in a row, from 2 to 13. Kane has now competed at 13 in a row - from 14 to 26.

Triple H  is third, having appeared in 11 consecutive Manias (from 12 to 22) before a quad injury sidelined him for Mania 23 in 2007. To date, as part of his streak, Undertaker has appeared in 10 in a row, dating back to 2001.

Setting a record like this takes incredible longevity and consistency. Congrats to Glen "Kane" Jacobs on a WrestleMania record that quite possibly will never be broken.

(And I apologize for my earlier math error; good thing someone else does my taxes)

A look at Kane's Mania moments, year by year:

14 - loses to Undertaker
15 - match HHH ends in a DQ
16 - with Rikishi, beats the Radicalz
17 - wins Hardcore Title in Triple Threat with Raven, Big Show
18 - loses to Kurt Angle
19 - with RVD, loses Tag Title Match on pre-show to Dudleys
20 - loses to Undertaker
21 - Money in the Bank
22 - with Big Show, def. Masters & Carlito in Tag Title Match
23 - beats Great Khali
24 - wins pre-show battle royal, then beats Chavo for the ECW Title
25 - Money in the Bank
26 - Money in the Bank

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