Jim Ross blogged late last week about his contract expiring with the WWE. Basically, his "talent contract" has expired and will not be renewed with the company. Therefore, JR has probably called his last match with the WWE.

However, Ross is in talks with the WWE about a "talent relations" type of job. We'll watch that as it develops. (JR worked for many years in talent relations and recruited many top WWE stars) JR did say that there are plenty of opportunities outside of wrestling that he might pursue, especially in radio.

There have been rumors of a union between JR and MMA. Ross even mentions in his blog that he may make a move on that and pursue something in the near future.

If you read JR's blog post, you can tell he wants to be the voice of the WWE or nothing. I don't see JR doing behind the scenes work for the company and if he does end up doing that, I don't think it will be for long. There seem to be just too many other exciting offers on the table for JR.

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Let's be honest for a second and put ourselves in JR's position. Do you really want to remain with a company after they removed you from a position you loved to do? Furthermore, if all these 'exciting' positions are on the table and allow you to expand outside of wrestling why not jump on them? You know there is no way Vince McMahon will allow Ross to be on the radio/TV for another program or sport and work inside the WWE offices.

I just don't see that.