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Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin and Summer Rae in WWE's 'The Marine 4'

Footage from

Footage from "The Marine 4: Moving Target" featuring the Miz and Summer Rae. Credit: WWE Studios

When Mike "The Miz" Mizanin briefly portrayed a wrestling good guy, or "babyface," in the WWE years ago, the consensus among most fans was that he was miscast. If ever WWE had a natural-born "heel," it was the smug, loud-mouthed ex-reality show star.

And so, some fans may be surprised to see Mizanin back in the role of a patriotic military man in WWE Studios latest release, "The Marine 4: Moving Target," now available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Like he does every time he steps in the ring, Mizanin said he gave his latest WWE gig his all.

"I don't think people know how hard the WWE superstars work to entertain you . . . We watch everything. We digest everything. I watch every single film that I'm on to make sure I am giving the best possible performance I can give," said Mizanin, who tries not to be deterred by negative fan reaction. "To have them either quiet or booing . . . or not having them do what I want to them to do -- It's like, I'm still going out there and trying to prove myself each and every time. So -- good guy or bad guy -- whatever I'm given, I'm going to be doing the best I can possibly do for them, because that's just how WWE teaches you to be."

Joining the former WWE world champion and MTV "Real World" cast member in "The Marine 4" is fellow WWE performer Summer Rae. Unlike Mizanin, the WWE Diva is cast in a role most fans are used to seeing her in, both in the ring and on the E! Network reality show, "Total Divas" -- that of a cunning villainess.

Despite her reputation, Summer Rae she said she's eager to show fans her softer side.

"I will say I am itching for some babyface-ness in my life. I feel like, right now, there are so many heels in the Divas division, and also, I've never done it," said Summer Rae, who had the chance to play the good gal during a recent untelevised match when another female performer was unable to wrestle. "I volunteered. I said, 'I'll be a babyface. And everyone kind of laughed. And I said, 'No. I love it . . . I just want to learn. Let's try it.'"

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