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My favorite Wrestlemania moment

I’ve made the jump over to writing for the Steel Cage. My thanks to Alfonso for the invite. I’ve been a wrestling fans since 1996 and most of my memories are from the famed and dearly missed Attitude Era of Austin, Rock, Foley, Taker, DX, etc. Even though I didn’t see much of the 1980s and some of the older wrestlers like Warrior and Macho man when they were in their prime, I have tremendous respect for what they did. Enough about me, now on to Wrestlemania 26.

The week before Wrestlemania always brings back great memories of past Wrestlemania’s. My favorite Wrestlemania has to be Wrestlemania 20 at Madison Square Garden. It was my first and only Wrestlemania that I attended. It had massive hype going into the show with an emphasis on “It All Begins Again.” And for the Undertaker it did. (You will find out in future blog post that Taker is by far my man) Seeing the return of Taker at WM20 with Paul Bearer was the coolest thing that night for any long-time Undertaker fan.

In a WM that had some less than stellar moments (Lesnar/Goldberg, Cruiserweight botch fest, and the worst tag team title matches in WM history) seeing Taker return in some form of the Deadman was a throwback to the Attitude Era. Yea, the match with Kane was below average, but no one cared. It was just great to see the black hat, the urn, and the trench coat. Just hearing that music with the bell tolling was worth the price of admission. Some may have thought his return was a let down because he didn’t come out with purple gloves and longer hair. But just to have a hybrid of the Undertaker back was enough for me.

Here’s to 18-0 in a few days.

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