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Names for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame

WCW Heavyweight Wrestling Champ Bill Goldberg puts Scott

WCW Heavyweight Wrestling Champ Bill Goldberg puts Scott to the mat during a WCW professional wrestling match in Atlanta. Photo Credit: Photo by AP / ERIK LESSER

The 2010 WWE Hall of Fame was a flop, at least in my opinion. It was great seeing the Million Dollar Man get inducted. He was very deserving for what he has done in the WWE. Stu Hart was the only other induction that was worth it the time and it was a great induction by Bret Hart. The Million Dollar Man and Hart were not on the same magnitude with some of the previous Hall of Fame ceremonies.

In 2009 we had Austin and Steamboat leading that class. In 2008 we had Flair and an appearance by the Rock. In 2007 we saw JR, Lawler, Rhodes and Mr. Perfect. 2006 had Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero. 2005 had Hogan and Piper. 2004 had Jesse Ventura, Billy Graham Harley Race and many others. The WWE really needs to make the 2011 Hall of Fame special to make up for the lack luster event this past year. Here are a few names people have been throwing out:

Lex Luger: Some internet reports say he is a strong candidate. I’m all for it as Luger had a stellar career in WWE, NWA, and WCW. Many remember his career in the WWE and his later work in WCW, but many forget his work in NWA/WCW in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was some of Luger’s best work. Luger has had some personal problems highlighted by the death of his girlfriend Miss. Elizabeth, who mixed pills with alcohol. Her death was ruled an accident and Luger spent some time in jail for drug possession. Could his past hurt him? Maybe, but the WWE is not one to point fingers in this situation. McMahon is known for giving guys like Luger an opportunity.

Sting: His name has been tossed around in so many Hall of Fame discussions that you have to figure one day he will be inducted. BUT, this is not the year especially with his ties to TNA. If for some reasons he is no longer under contract with TNA by next year, then his chances will go up. I don’t see Sting in the Hall of Fame anytime soon because there is always the chance he could go back to TNA at any given time to work a few months and then disappear. Sting likes the idea of coming and going as he pleases. It would kill McMahon to induct him and then watch him go to TNA. Exhibit A: Ric Flair.

Ultimate Warrior: Another name that has been thrown around for many years. I’m not one to believe everything you read on the internet, but it seems Warrior wants to do it deep down. I;ve heard so many times that he was up for it and then doesn’t want any part of wrestling. The relationship between he and McMahon is not good from what I have read. No one ever thought they would See Bret Hart in the WWE, let alone in a match against Vince. Never say never, but not in 2011.

Ron Simmons: His name has been thrown around and I could see this happening in 2011. He still works for the WWE, but I can’t see why this guy is a hall of famer. I know he stuck around a long time which is a great achievement in this business. I realize he was one of only three black men to ever win the WCW title, but honestly, Hall of Famer?

Owen Hart: I'm not just posting this because his father went in this year and Bret is some what back with the WWE. It's time. He was a great talent that could have been so much more. Everytime his name is announced the fans go nuts.

Bill Goldberg: He is on the verge of signing a legends contract with the WWE so they can use his likeness for games, merchandise, toys, etc. He once again has a relationship with the WWE and didn’t leave on the worse terms in 2004. Goldberg has come out recently on radio and in print saying he would do it if the WWE asked. Goldberg seems almost excited to do it because Wrestlemania is in Atlanta next year, his hometown.

Actually, Goldberg even said it’s possible he could step back into the ring. In an interview with he said, “"I've got a fairly big following in Atlanta. Is it out of the realm of possibility? I'd say no. If not, I'm totally content with the way I went out."

Is he really content with the way he went out at Wrestlemania XX? I don’t think so? I’ve never been a fan of Goldberg and I never will. It’s had to dispute what he did in WCW and all that he accomplished. He may still be big in Atlanta, but I really wonder how excited fans would be to see him back.

Shawn Michaels: This will be the name that most people will start to talk about as we move towards the end of 2010. Of course, HBK has to do his part and remain retired. I for one think he will wrestle a handful of matches over the next 3-4 years. That’s good enough for me to induct him in 2011. It would be an even better if the next time we see HBK on WWE programming is at the Hall of Fame. Fans already miss him like crazy, just imagine how happy they would be to see him for the first time in a year. Triple H seems like the perfect person to induct him, but I say let Undertaker do it. Taker doesn’t usually do things like this and it makes the occasion even more special.

There you have it, WWE. Those are some possibilities among countless others I’m sure. Goldberg and HBK would be a better 2011 Hall of Fame than 2010. On a weird note, the Wrestling Observer reported that Ted Turner’s name has been floated around. Now that would be interesting. I didn’t say good, I said interesting.

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