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New Raw GM has to be heel, Paul Heyman, Batista and much more

In my blog post after Raw, I said that the new anonymous GM of Raw seemed fair. I take that back, if you will allow me to. The little hints we’ve seen thus far clearly show that the new GM is a heel. Just look at the clues: Reinstating NXT, talking to Vince over the phone, and releasing a statement over that said the NXT beat down of Vince McMahon would be met with consequences. Any face GM would have fired NXT or done something along the lines of what Bret Hart did a few weeks ago. Just the idea of the “anonymous” GM screams heel to me.

As for who it might be? I don’t even the think the WWE is 100 percent sure on who it is yet. They probably have a few names floating around, but no one is picked. Bret Hart wasn’t named the GM of Raw until a day or so before he took over the role following Wrestlemania. I wouldn’t be shocked if the WWE picked the FCW wrestler, Abraham Washington, to be the new GM. Many rumors said he was the original choice to be the GM before Bret Hart was offered the job. At this point it doesn’t really matter who the GM is anymore on Raw or Smackdown. The GM role doesn’t impact the show like it used to 10-12 years ago. I feel like I’m rehashing a blog post on GM’s from earlier this month. On to other things…….

*Speaking of FCW, if you check out their site you will see many current WWE stars listed on their page.

*There has been a lot of buzz around Batista and his new career in MMA Stikeforce. The great TMZ had a video of Batista saying he was gearing up for an MMA debut. Apparently that rumor has been debunked for the time being. I think we will see Batista show up somewhere in MMA, but it will be short-lived. That’s just my opinion because Batista is no Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley. Let’s remember that Batista is also 41-years-old. Batista will be back in the WWE by 2011.

*The WWE released ring announcer Savannah for those that care, which is probably her mom and dad and that’s about it.

*Has anyone heard about Martha Hart, widow of Owen Hart, suing the WWE? Hart is upset that the WWE has continued to make a profit on Owen’s image despite agreeing to stop after his death. Linda McMahon, who is hard at work on her Senate campaign, said that this is a copyright and contract issue that the WWE will deal with. Linda did say that after Owen’s death the WWE made sure that the family would be taken care of.

*Despite what anyone thinks, Bret’s leaving has nothing to do with this. I think these are two separate incidents that do not relate in anyway other than the fact the last names are the same.

*Lastly and probably most important, there were rumors a few weeks ago how TNA (That’s right, the OTHER wrestling promotion is getting a little time in the Steel Cage) is looking to sign Paul Heyman. If I may borrow a line from the great Shawn Michaels, “Only good things will happen if TNA brings in Paul Heyman.”

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