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One note on the anonymous Raw GM

According to some fans, it seems like the WWE has been dropping hints on who the Raw GM might be. Last week, one of the e-mails sent to Michael Cole asked fans to give them a “hell yea.” Fans immediately thought that Stone Cold Steve Austin was behind the whole thing.

Last night, an e-mail said “just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions.” That’s a famous line stated many times by none other than Roddy Piper. Now fans seem to think Piper is behind the angle.

My thoughts: Neither man is behind it and I see the same thing happening next week on Raw. The WWE will continue to drop signature lines to try and throw fans off. Then again, I don’t think it’s throwing many fans off. It’s just a nice way to toy with fans and get them talking. It’s about the most interesting thing in the whole angle in my opinion.

Again, I still don’t think the WWE knows who the GM is. Maybe next week we’ll get “If you smell what the Raw GM is cooking.”

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