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Raw after-party: Nexus loses a member

I tuned into Raw tonight to see how the WWE was going to restore some dignity for Nexus after losing last night at Summerslam to John Cena, aka Super Man. Tonight was billed as Summerslam Part II. Each member of Nexus was to face a member of Team WWE. Wade Barrett said if any member of Nexus lost, they would be exiled. No Nexus members were allowed to interfere. Not as exciting as you think. Here were the Nexus vs. Team WWE matchups:

Wade Barrett defeat Chris Jericho

Jericho was Barrett’s mentor during the first season of NXT. This was one of very few clean matches tonight. It was a good match with a lot of counters. Barrett picking up the clean win was not much of a shock as he is the leader of Nexus. Y2J was way over with the crowd.

Michael Tarver defeated Daniel Bryan

The Miz, who was replaced by Bryan at Summerslam, interfered with his new NXT protégé, Alex Riley and that was the nail in the coffin. Tarver was able to get the pin when he rolled up Bryan. Miz gave Bryan a pretty good beating outside of the ring. On a side note, Cole was all over Bryan calling him a 10-year veteran of the minor leagues, which we all known as the indy scene.

Justin Gabriel wanted to face Bret Hart, but we know Bret is not getting into the ring and wrestling. It’s like a game every time Bret is scheduled to wrestle: How can the WWE work him out of the match. This time, the anonymous Raw GM said he hates Hart and never wants to see him on Raw again; therefore Randy Orton will take his place.

Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton

Sheamus interfered and Orton was counted out. Orton gots the final say as he hit the RKO on Gabriel and beat Sheamus senseless with a chair.

David Otunga and Skip Sheffield defeated John Morrison and R-Truth

Other than Barrett’s win this was the only clean win for Nexus. Ironic, all the bug muscular guys get solid victories as the smaller guys get cheap wins.

Heath Slater defeated Edge

This was by far the worst finish of any match tonight or last night. The two wrestled outside the ring as the referee began the ten count. Edge was setting up a spear as the ref was at seven. Slater sees the spear coming and slips back into the ring at nine. Edge is left standing outside of the ring when the ref hits ten. Are you serious? At least let Edge hit the steel steps. He looked like an idiot standing outside the ring.

John Cena defeated Darren Young

Young wanted Cena because Cena dubbed him as the weakest link in the early part of the night because he lasted under a minute at Summerslam in the main event. Young didn’t fare much better in this match. After the match Nexus surrounded the ring and it seemed they were going to attack Cena. However, they let him exit the ring before attacking Young.

My thoughts: Tonight was intended to show how Nexus is still strong and should be feared. However, Wade Barrett is the only one who should be feared after watching tonight. Only he had a legit win over a big star (Jericho). Otunga and Sheffield did have convincing wins, but it was in a tag match against Morrison and R-Truth. Nothing against Morrison and R-Truth, but the win does nothing for Otunga and Sheffield.

All tonight showed was that Nexus lost their weakest link. Okay, now what? If the WWE wants Nexus to look strong they should have walked out of Summerslam with a W. It’s a little too late for that. So what the WWE needs to do for Nexus’ credibility is have Barrett beat Cena one-on-one in a fair match. Super Cena needs to taste defeat fair and square at the hands of Nexus, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Barrett who gets the win.

It was a lousy show. The best Raw’s throughout this whole angle is when Team WWE was the underdog. I know Team WWE can’t play that role for the entire angle, but it would have been a much better show the last two nights if they were on the losing side.

The one positive out of tonight was the opening segment where John Cena was actually funny. Yea, you heard me, Cena was funny.

Cena basically ragged on each member of Nexus. He said Tarver looked like a bank robber who works as a male stripper. Otunga is an average male escort who clings to someone’s arm on the red carpet. Otunga is married to Jennifer Hudson.

As for Darren Young, Cena said his own mother apparently wasn't lying when she told him she had an affair with Buckwheat. Young does look like Cena. You have to admit, he does look like Cena. I also think he looks like a troll doll from the early 1990s with that hair of his.

Cena read Sheffield’s mind by saying “meow” repeatedly. The best part of the segment was comparing Heath Slater to the “chick” from Wendy’s. A picture flashed on the titan tron of Slater’s face in the Wendy’s logo. A “Wendy’s” chant soon followed and that will haunt Slater for a long time. 

As for the GM not liking Hart, something tells me the GM is Triple H. That’s another blog post in itself. Stay tuned.

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