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Raw after-party: Team WWE reunites before Summerslam

I predicted that Raw tonight would be explosive and it lived up to the hype. I also predicted that Bret Hart would play the peacemaker role and bring Chris Jericho and Edge back to Team WWE. And I was right about that.

The last Raw before Summerslam was exciting from the beginning to end. The Jericho/Edge angle played out beautifully in this one show. The show started with the both of them saying no to Hart on rejoining the team, but ended with the two of them rejoining in one of the best moments on Raw since the Nexus invasion angle began.

The scheduled main event of Bret Hart/John Cena vs. Edge and Y2J barely took place. Remember, Nexus surrounded the ring as lumberjacks. You knew a brawl would break out, but the question was where would Y2J and Edge stand? After a melee broke out during the match, Edge and Y2J left leaving all seven Nexus members in the ring starring down the five members of Team WWE. Edge and Y2J evened up the sides and the crowd was going nuts at that point, but the minute the two teams collided, the crowd erupted into a pop I have not heard in a long time. It was a great moment for Raw, this storyline, and a tremendous way to head into Summerslam.

I found it funny how tonight was so entertaining yet John Cena played a lesser role to Hart, Jericho, and Edge. Both Jericho and Edge added so much to this angle when they defected because the Nexus angle was losing steam. In the end, Y2J and Edge get the MVP award for inserting a lot of juice into this angle when it started to head south.

The show ended with Nexus retreating with Team WWE standing tall in the ring. The reason why this storyline worked so well was because it was like a crazy roller coaster. Nexus was up after they first debuted and they demolished everyone in their path. Then, Hart returns and Team WWE forms to take the advantage. Team WWE quickly falls apart only to come back together the finals show before the big match. That’s the way it should be done. Playing with people’s emotions is always the way to go.

Randy Orton and Sheamus appeared it what was billed as a “final confrontation” before their WWE Championship match. It seemed as if Sheamus would throw a punch and/or ambush Orton, but it was the other way around. Orton threw the first punch and they went at it for a bit before Sheamus exited the ring. For a while now I have been picking Orton to win the title and he’s come up empty. I’m still undecided if he will win this Sunday because Sheamus plays the scared heel role so well. If Sheamus doesn’t have the title, he’s not as effective in my opinion. Orton doesn’t need the title because his popularity has soared to unbelievable heights without the gold around his waist.

The Miz had a very good showing in a match against Evan Bourne. The Miz won and he did it cleanly. I only mention that because a win over Bourne without any cheap methods just show that the WWE is building momentum for the Miz. On an interesting note, both Michale Cole and Jerry Lawler were really discussing how no man has ever cashed in the Money in the Bank title shot and lost. Furthermore, Cole was saying how it’s just a matter of time before he’s the WWE Champion. You know what that means? The Miz will become the first to cash it in and not walk away with the title. I hope I’m wrong but it was very odd how Cole and King kept going over that point. Never before during any of the Miz’s matches did they discuss it to this extent.

Now it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to cash it in and lose. It could mean that he’s going to cash it in very soon, like Summerslam. Miz doesn’t have a match this Sunday, not even for the U.S. Title. By having Cole and Lawler talk about the title shot, they may just want to refresh the fans’ memories on why the Miz is walking around with a red briefcase.

One other thing I would like to point out, John Morrison is a tremendous athlete. He partnered with R-Truth against William Regal and Zack Ryder in a tag match. Morrison got the pinfall on Ryder and I know I’m stating the obvious, but Morrison has awesome talent in the ring. I hope by this time next year he’s playing with the big guys. His mic skills still have a way to go before they catch up to his in-ring skills.

I’ll be back later this week with my Summerslam predictions.

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