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Raw after-party: Undertaker should get involved in the Nexus angle

It was going to be hard to follow up this week’s Raw with last week, but tonight was still interesting as Cena’s team has begun to fall unravel. Having some conflict this week between Team Raw sets up beautifully for Bret “The Hitman” Hart to return in the next few weeks and bring the team back together and look like the hero. By the way, Hart was the only member of the team to appear on Raw tonight.

As for the feuding within the team, I like it. It’s something different than Nexus giving more beat downs to random wrestlers in the backstage area. The open of the show had some good interaction between Chris Jericho and John Cena. Cena is usually really good in promos lately, or really juvenile with his jokes. He was good tonight, but I give credit to Jericho for bringing out the best in him.

The Miz once again came close to cashing in the Money in the Bank opportunity before Randy Orton delivered an RKO. I like were the WWE is going with the Miz, but I just hope this doesn’t become a weekly thing. Attempting to cash in the title shot should be used sparingly because it could get old really fast. I mean how many times can the Miz attempt to cash in his shot only not to have the match start for whatever reason?

The other interesting thing on Raw tonight was yet another remark by the anonymous Raw GM. In an e-mail sent to Michael Cole setting up the main event of Cena/Jericho vs. Sheamus/Miz, the message concluded with “if you’re not down with that I have two words for you.” A few weeks ago the GM made similar statements that had fans buzzing that Roddy Piper and Stone Cold Steve Austin might be the GM.

Basically, the Raw GM has been messing with fans trying to throw them off by stealing other’s catch phrases. I wrote about this a few days ago

The thing that really got me tonight was the DX catch phrase was used and Raw was taking place in San Antonio, Texas. That’s Shawn Michaels’ hometown. For the record, I don’t think HBK is the Raw GM, I think this is just a trend the WWE is continuing to get fans buzzing about the identity of the GM. Next week we might get “if you smell what I’m cooking” or an “ohhhh yeeeeeaaaa.” We should actually start a pool on what catch phrase the Raw GM will use next week. It’s about the only exciting thing the GM angle has produced.

Usually I only focus on Raw Monday nights after the show, but I want to turn my attention to The Undertaker for a minute because this does relate to the Nexus vs. Team Raw angle.

Many fans are expecting Taker to return and get payback on Kane for attacking him. Everyone, including myself, thought this would result in Taker’s return before Summerslam and a title match between the two brothers. I also predicted the WWE would throw us a swerve and not give us that match directly. Good call on my part as Rey Mysterio is facing Kane at Summerslam.

In my Sunday blog post I gave a scenario for Taker’s return to Smackdown, but it was very close to what most were thinking, I tweaked a few things and I just cannot live with that scenario. I deserve to give the readers of this blog more. So here is my new proposal.

Have Nexus take out one of the members of Team Raw (preferably The Great Khali for obvious reasons) like they have been doing for the last month or so. Book the match as if it will be 7 vs. 6 unless Team Raw can find a replacement. That replacement can either be revealed before Summerslam or at Summerslam as Undertaker.

Why does Taker even care about Team Raw vs. Nexus? Simple, they, not Kane, are responsible for putting him in a “comatose” state. How can they have done that while being members of the Raw roster? Remember, they were not always members of the Raw roster. NXT stars travel with the Smackdown stars and film in the same arena during the Smackdown tapings.

Next question: Why did Nexus attack Undertaker? Nexus takes out the “Conscience of the WWE” because they know if they got rid of the longest running star in the company they can then take over the rest of the WWE. They had to get the big dog out of the yard before moving in on the rest of the company.

It makes sense and it makes Nexus look bad ass again while making the main event at Summerslam that more exciting. The Nexus angle started with a lot of steam and this is a way to end it with a ton of steam. Having Nexus responsible of Taker’s long absence legitimizes them as tough dudes with a ton of heat with the fans. Basically, it keeps Nexus relevant past this angle once it’s all said and done.

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