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Raw's 900th episode was historic, but not in a good way

I realize the 900th episode of Raw was more than 24 hours ago, but none the less, here is my review of what was made out to be such an historic event. Yet, the show was a complete bomb even though it did feature guys like Undertaker and Bret Hart.

Here’s an abbreviated Raw after-party:

The way the show started was great. Seeing Bret Hart and Undertaker in the same ring was a thrill. Two of the greatest stars in the history of pro wrestling standing toe-to-toe was a nice start to the program. There’s no love lost between these two and when it was announced they would face each other two thoughts popped into my head:

1. This is a Summerslam 1997 rematch where Shawn Michaels was the referee and accidently hit Taker with a chair costing him the title. I honestly thought HBK would make an appearance here. But then I realized the second thought that popped into my head……..

2. There is no way Hart is going to wrestle. That’s right, it was time for the creative team to devise a plan to get Hart out of the match. That’s where Kane came in and Nexus attacked the Undertaker. Nexus attacking Taker was good, but it became a joke with the lights switching on and off and the segment went on longer than it needed. Bret Hart disappeared into thin air in one of the many flickering of the lights and it was never explained where he went or what happened or who made him disappear. But at this point, who cares.

The main event was Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, and John Cena vs. Nexus. For reasons not explained, Edge and Jericho left their team high and dry. Nexus scored a clean win eliminating Sheamus, Orton, and Cena. It was good to see Nexus regain some of its dominance, but it gets lost because this was supposed to be such a special episode and it bombed. The talk on Tuesday morning was how bad the show was and not how Nexus destroyed Undertaker and pinned some of the top stars on Raw in the main event.

The main problem with the show was how it was booked. The show should have been a three-hour special because the WWE booked way too many matches and segments into the two hours. Everything was rushed and the matches were too quick. The WWE tried to have as many people appear on the “historic” show that had no business being there what so ever. For example, Smackdown’s Alberto Del Rio.

Memorable moments from Raw’s past were sprinkled in throughout the show. I found it odd how the only Raw moment before 1998 that was shown was the first ever Raw. Nothing else before 1998 was shown. Is the WWE saying the show sucked during those years? No, the show wasn’t PG then and those Raw moments have no place on the family-friendly Raw that we have today. In the words of former WWE star Carlito, that’s not cool.

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