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Rock appearance, Triple-H - ’Taker confrontation highlight last Raw before Mania

The “go-home” edition of Raw just six days before the biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania XXVII, is set to take place tonight. And WWE is swinging for the fences with a loaded show.

. As a final piece of hype before their big match at Mania, Triple-H and The Undertaker are scheduled for an in-ring confrontation—their first since the memorable silent showdown between the two legends that kicked off this angle. WWE has done a nice job making this match seem truly epic—perhaps more than it actually is. I fully expect these two to have a terrific bout Sunday night, but the truth is, I don’t think it will be remembered as one of WrestleMania’s biggest matches. It will likely pale in comparison to either of the two Shawn Michaels matches of the last two years. I’m not convinced that these two will mesh all that well in the ring, and I suspect they may have similar concerns—thus the no holds barred stip.

. The Rock also returns to Raw tonight for his first in –person appearance since his return several weeks ago. WWE has been teasing the long-awaited in-ring confrontation between The Rock and John Cena. But they should be very careful how much they give away leading up to WrestleMania. I’ll bet they tease a confrontation all night, but the Miz ultimately keeps if from happening, perhaps by attacking the Rock. That would help get some heat on the Rock-Miz storyline, which is essential given the likely pay-off to this angle—Rock and Cena joining forces against The Miz.

. Also on tonight show we can expect a taped angle involving Snooki to promote her mixed tag team match at WrestleMania, a final angle to hype the CM Punk—Randy Orton feud (which I think has really disappointed so far), and probably the announcement of one or two last minute additions to the WrestleMania card, including something involving The Core, Big Show and Kane (I don’t think they’re taping any Smackdown matches this week, so any final Smackdown angles would probably happen tonight on Raw.) We probably get the announcement of a final inductee into the Hall of Fame (Road Warriors?) and any other celebrities making appearances, including whoever will sing America The Beautiful at the top of the show.


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