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Sheamus is a disappointing pick for King

Hi all. I’m making a concerted effort to update this blog more frequently. I hope you’ll notice, come back, and spread the word.

A quick thought on Sheamus winning the King of the Ring tournament Monday night:

Sheamus was a lot of fans’ favorite to win the King of the Ring tournament, but I must say I’m a little disappointed that WWE chose to crown a two-time former world champion and already established main eventer, rather than use the opportunity to help launch a future main eventer and world champion, such as Alberto Del Rio or even John Morrison.

The King of the Ring title has traditionally been reserved for the wrestler that WWE management sees as its “next big thing.” Sometimes WWE has been way off in predicting future stars, as was the case with former KOTR winners Billy Gunn, Ken Shamrock and Mabel.

But whether they live up to expectations or not, it’s always interesting to see who WWE envisions as a break-out superstar. With WWE going with someone who is already firmly entrenched in WWE’s top tier, we didn’t get that this year, and it’s too bad.

Nevertheless, I don’t disagree with WWE’s assessment that Sheamus has got a bright future ahead. Like several other WWE up-and-comers that have made a big splash this year (Wade Barrett, The Miz, Del Rio), Sheamus is way beyond his years when it comes to carrying himself like a top star. He’s a worthwhile investment.

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