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Sting's return proves he should remain with TNA

Last night’s TNA was billed around the debut of Bart Scott, the return of Hulk Hogan and his group “Immortal,” the Karen Angle-Jeff Jarrett wedding, and of all things a special appearance by former “Jersey Shore” cast member Angelina. Other than Hogan taking over TNA, the rest of the show was hard to watch.

All night TNA was teasing that the TNA champion Jeff Hardy had to face an unknown opponent for the title. That man would later be revealed as none other than Sting (so much for facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. That’s a huge “IN YOUR FACE” to all the fans that swore he would be a member of the WWE).

Finally I thought the show had been salvaged. But the match was below average, slow, and very short. It should have been a defining moment for TNA and Sting on what could his last title reign in a storied career. The match was not memorable and I walked away thinking ‘I’m so happy he’s not facing Taker at Wrestlemania because based on what I just saw, the match would have fallen way below expectations.’

I don’t know if the match was bad because Sting could not carry Hardy to a decent match. Or Hardy is a shell of his former self since his departure from the WWE. I’m sure his out-of-the ring problems with drugs and he legal battles are to blame. It was probably a mix of both and that Sting has been away from the ring for a while.

After watching last night I think it is best Sting finishes his career with TNA. There is no need at this stage of his career to jump to the WWE and try to make a foot print with the company. It would be a colossal failure and a huge disappointment for fans. I think fans would agree based on last night that Triple H vs. Undertaker is a way better option for Wrestlemania.

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