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The Miz joins an "awesome," elite new club

With his WWE championship win last week The Miz joins what is still a fairly exclusively, and relatively short list.

It’s true that world title changes have become fairly commonplace in WWE in recent years (the WWE title has changed hands six times this year alone – the same amount of title changes in the first 14 years of WWE’s existence.) But the fact is that it’s still fairly rare for someone to become a first time world champion.

In fact, although the WWE championship has changed hands 101 times since Buddy Rogers became the inaugural World Wide Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion in 1963, over those 46 years, only 24 wrestlers have worn the title.

Considering the tens of thousands of competitors who have stepped into a wrestling ring in that time dreaming of one day winning the same title that Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wore, it’s a heck of accomplishment to be among just two dozen wrestlers who have accomplished that feat.

What’s more, even if he drops it soon, by winning his first world title, The Miz stands a good chance of winning another world title down the line. Two-thirds of all wrestlers who have won the WWE championship have done so at least twice.

A lot of fans are skeptical as to whether or not The Miz has what it takes to wear the WWE championship. But judging by the relatively few people who have worn it before, WWE must be quite confident in him to add his name to a pretty elite list.

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