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The WWE just keeps producing young talent

The Nexus invasion has been one of the best storylines in the WWE for a long time. It has had its flaws, but what storyline doesn’t? However, this angle will have a positive influence on the WWE for years to come and that’s the infusion of more young talent.

Guys like Wade Barrett, Darren Young, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, and Heath Slater are the top stars in Nexus that can become future solo stars in the company. I’m not crazy about Skip Sheffield and David Otunga, although they are huge men and we all know how the WWE gives pushes based on size rather than talent.

All these Nexus stars have the chance to become major players because they were brought into the WWE in the right way. I’ve always felt that young stars should be introduced into the WWE in stables and tag teams. When young stars have other guys they can run with they can compensate for what the other doesn’t have. We haven’t seen many flaws within the stars that make up Nexus. That’s because Barrett does most of the talking so we really don’t know the mic skills on the other guys. We’ve seen some great moves from Gabriel off the top rope. We’ve pretty much seen the best of what each guy has to offer. There hasn’t been a time where we’ve seen a weak point because it’s just not possible with seven guys in this stable.

I’m not proposing that every young star needs to debut in the WWE with a tag team or a large stable. Some stars can make it on their own, but if you look at a lot of the wrestlers on the WWE roster, they started with a tag team or stable.

Randy Orton ran with Evolution. The Miz was in a team team with John Morrison. Morrison was in many tag teams before he achieved singles success. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes ran with Orton before breaking away. The one exception to this on the Raw roster is John Cena. I’m not counting Edge and Chris Jericho because they debuted when the business was very different.

In time, the stars of Nexus will become more seasoned and eventual be strong enough to break away from the pack. I could use an analogy of kids leaving home when they hit 18 or 21, but there’s no need; you get the point.

Will all the Nexus stars become main eventers? Odds are in favor of no, but a few will stick around and have a decent career with the company. Let’s not forget that Bryan Danielson is the long-lost eighth member of Nexus that will one day be a star in the WWE as well.

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