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Long time no speak! And a theory on WWE mystery ...

And I'm back! (For how long, who knows?)

A big thanks to Alfonso and Anthony, who have been doing an awesome job in my self-imposed absence from the Steel Cage blog ... no, there were no cease/desist letters from WWE (only feedback I've ever gotten from people within the company has been extremely positive, and the stuff I put out there is about one one-millionth of what others put out there; I just have a better forum).

My lack of blogging has been work-related, plain and simple. But with the march to WrestleMania underway and my friend Dave Lagana launching his new site, it has inspired me to return to the Steel Cage.

Hey, if guys like HHH and Taker can take most of the year off and do most of their work during the WrestleMania run, why can't I?

So with just seven more weeks until WrestleMania, here is what is hopefully my first blog post of many -- here's my theory on WWE's 2-21-11 vignettes. Enjoy this -- and feel free to offer your thoughts here and on my brand-new Twitter page -- @sethmates

Here's how I would book the 2-21-11 thing:

Do a Cold Open with the trenchcoat-man video, but instead of ending with "2-21-11," end with the word "TONIGHT"
Raw theme plays, announcers welcome everyone, lights go out, out comes Taker. Crowd pops big, announcers say that this must be the man in the video.
As he starts talking, lights go out again. Video plays again, only this time instead of ending in "tonight," it says, "NOW"
Lights stay low, mysterious music plays, out walks a man in a trenchcoat, face obscured.
He walks to ring, stands face to face with Taker, and then unmasks -- it's Triple H.
Finally, we get a WrestleMania marquee match-up (as much as I love the youth movement this year, we need something with some heft to it) and HHH-Taker is something they can sink their teeth into. Fans would pop for both huge returns in the same segment, plus the swerve on the 2-21 thing.
Back story could be that HHH is still smarting from Taker ending HBK's career last year and being the cerebral assassin, he wanted to get into Taker's head, which is the only way to break the streak, or some B.S. like that.

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