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Three ways WWE can have Undertaker & HBK at Wrestlemania

After watching Shawn Michaels accept the Slammy award for WWE Moment of the Year this past Monday night on Raw I, like many, thought about his chances of appearing at Wrestlemania in 2011.

I wouldn’t be doing my blogging duty if I didn’t pollute the heads of the Steel Cage readers with an HBK appearance at Wrestlemania. “Tis the season for list, so why not combine the two into one super blog post that is a pipe dream for all WWE fans.

Here are a few ideas to have Michaels appear at Wrestlemania and in some way involve the Undertaker. (Yes, Undertaker is injured and there’s a good chance he could not wrestle at the biggest pay per view of the year. But who cares! It’s the holiday season and we’re going to have fun with this.)

1. Special guest referee: This idea has been floated around for a while. If Taker was healthy, HBK could be the special guest referee of his match. It would be a huge hit to wonder if HBK would snap the Undertaker’s undefeated streak and finally get revenge.

2. HBK teams with Undertaker: This idea is more realistic. Since Taker is injured and the chances of him wrestling a one-on-one match are slim, have him team with HBK. The WWE could still play off the idea that HBK could screw Taker and break the streak. Or, have the two legends join forces against Nexus. Nexus did take out Undertaker a few months ago along with Kane. Either way, it gives Taker’s body more time to heal yet keep the streak going.

The problem here is finding a way to bring HBK back to the WWE. Most fans won’t need a logical reason because A.) It’s wrestling and we no by now there’s no logical in anything and B.) Fans just want to see the man back at any cost. They don’t care what the reason is at this point.

3. Reform DX yet again: This is the “all else fails” plan. Has it been done? Of course. Over done if you ask me. But if Undertaker, arguably the biggest Wrestlemania attraction thanks to the streak, is not able to wrestle at the event, the WWE is left with a huge hole. The only man who can fill that nostalgic role is HBK. I realize Undertaker is not in this scenario.

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