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Triple H's promo on Raw was a slap in the face

Triple H’s promo this past week on Raw did a good job hyping up his match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Yet, I found some parts of his promo that went too far and not in a good way.

Triple H said he and the Undertaker were the last of a generation. That is with out a doubt true. Both guys are the longest running stars currently in the company. Triple H did a great job putting over the whole “outlaw” thing. It seems that’s the new nickname for Undertaker.

I also liked how Triple H said the streak is all the Undertaker really has left. Let’s face it, Taker has done everything there is to do in the company and he’s basically sticking around to extend the streak. If it wasn’t a month before Wrestlemania I don’t think Taker would be on TV right now. He’s still no where near 100 percent healed from shoulder surgery. As for Triple H, he as well has done everything there is to do in this company. On Smackdown, Taker even said Triple H was the greatest champion in the last decade and a half.

That was the good parts with the promo. The problem I had with it was when Triple H said he and Undertaker have no more challenges left in the WWE locker room. I agree that Triple H and Taker are one of the few guys that transcend championships. They’ve earned that right in their long and storied career.

But to say have no more challenges left is a slap in the face to every guy on the WWE’s roster. Must we remind Triple H that it was Sheamus who put him out of action last year and it was Kane, Wade Barrett and company who buried Taker alive. Those feuds were never revived once Triple H and Taker returned. (I’m not counting Triple H squashing Sheamus in 5 minutes on Raw this past week. That was a joke and a way to make his feud with Taker the focus.)

What about an Undertaker/Cena feud? Undertaker/Sheamus would be a fresh rivalry that we’ve never seen before. How about Miz vs. Triple H?

There are still challenges left for Taker and Triple H. His promo on Raw almost sounded like he was setting up for retirement, which may be the case. But if the WWE knows Triple H and Taker are still going to stick around and feud with other guys after Wrestlemania, then fans might not think the feud is that important based on Triple H’s comments.

Am I making too much out of something? Maybe, but I think Triple’s comments went too far in hurting the other wrestlers who could potentially feud with the last two “outlaws” in the near future. The job of these older stars is to pass the torch and give them a rub so they can “get over” with fans. Dismissing the stars as not good enough to face Triple H and Taker is not going to help the future of the WWE.

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