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Triple H sends a message to the Undertaker

Jets chairman and CEO Woody Johnson, left, and

Jets chairman and CEO Woody Johnson, left, and Giants President and CEO John Mara have wrestling belts as WWE wrestler Triple H holds up their hands at MetLife Stadium. (Feb. 16, 2012) Credit: AP

Triple H sent a message to the Undertaker that "The Streak" is over come Wrestlemania 28.

At the house show in Madison Square Garden yesterday, Triple H used the Undertaker's finisher, the Tombstone instead of the Pedigree, on Dolph Ziggler to finish off a six-man tag team match.

We had Josh Stewart at the event yesterday and you can read his review of the show by clicking here. Josh said the move earned one of the loudest pops from the crowd.

Fast forward to the 1:17 mark to see the move. What you can't see in this angle, is Triple H mimicking the Undertaker after the Tombstone by crossing Ziggler's hands over his chest and sticking his tongue out. Both are trademark actions of the Undertaker following a Tombstone:

Triple H first used the Tombstone at last year's Wrestlemania, where he nearly ended the Undertaker's legendary win-streak. I fully expect this video to be shown on Raw tonight when Triple H, Undertaker and speical guest referee Shawn Michaels all step into the ring. was heavily promoting the video all day.

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