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Triple H takes over WWE and why Punk will be back

Wrestling superstar Triple H, left, and Shane McMahon,

Wrestling superstar Triple H, left, and Shane McMahon, right, with Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon at ceremony honoring him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (March 14, 2008) Credit: Getty Images

Now that was a swerve.

Vince McMahon promised that if John Cena did not defeat CM Punk at Money in the Bank he would fire him. Just as McMahon was about to do that last night on Raw, his son-in-law Triple H “relieved him of his duties” due to ““extremely questionable decisions” made by the chairman.

It was a nice swerve following the events at Money in the Bank and it keeps Cena on TV and completely shifts power to Triple H. Also, it finally gets Triple H back on TV to boost the star power of Raw. Even if he’s in a suit and not wrestling boots, Triple H is still a big name.

As for Punk, he was not on the show and McMahon wouldn’t even mention his name. I still feel that there is no way McMahon would allow Punk to leave with HIS title. I can’t help but think about Bret Hart and the Montreal Screw Job. The original plan was for Hart to retain the title following his match with Shawn Michaels only to forfeit it the next night before bolting for WCW. McMahon didn’t let Hart do that and the rest is history.

Remember, Hart was the face of the WWE. He was McMahon’s guy. Hart worked for McMahon for 13 years and was his top paid wrestler and the biggest drawing star during his run. McMahon and Hart made the Hitman character. If McMahon didn’t let a guy who made his name in the WWE go out on his terms what makes you think he would let CM Punk, a guy who didn’t make his name in the WWE, leave with the title?

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Punk and the WWE Title. Remember, this is a scripted storyline with a lot of reality written into it. Punk and the title will be back in some way, shape or form. The creative team is going to milk this angle for all it’s worth and rightfully so. Firing McMahon is a brilliant way to add another layer to this angle. It adds to the realism that it’s Triple H, the son-in-law, taking over and not someone else. Triple H will ride in as the white knight and restore order before too long.

As for the rest of Raw, the show opened with McMahon and John Laurinaitis announcing a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion. Seeing Laurinaitis was another nice touch to keep the realism of the angle going. Laurinaitis never shows up on WWE programming and is mainly behind the scenes. Cena was not added to the tourney. The finals will be next week between The Miz and Rey Mysterio. The finals were supposed to take place as the main event last night, but McMahon axed it.

The gives this “WWE in turmoil” angle another week. I have a feeling there is an underlining reason that the finals were moved to next week. Maybe Punk reappears and something goes down with him or, Cena gets involved and finds his way back to the title.

It will be interesting to see what the Raw rating was for last night following Punk’s departure. The show was solely focused around the tournament and what the next step was for the WWE. Sure, there was a diva match, but you got the point that the WWE was putting a huge emphasis on the new champion.

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