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Undertaker, HHH and HBK were the highlight of Raw

Raw was based on two things last night and they were not even wrestling matches: the confrontations between The Undertaker and Triple H and The Rock, John Cena, Miz. The question is, which confrontation did a better job at hyping up their match this Sunday?

The answer: Undertaker and Triple H with the assist going to Shawn Michaels.

The dynamic between the three men was intense and the fact that Michaels didn’t support his best friend was a good swerve. When HBK asked Triple H “What in the world makes you think you can do what I couldn’t?” the whole tone of the promo changed. The crowd gasped and suddenly it didn’t have the makings of a DX reunion. The whole segment was a roller coaster ride. HBK went from happy, to angry and then into a rage when he attempted to super kick The Undertaker and Triple H had to step in.

No doubt HBK stirred the pot and Triple H gave, in my opinion, the best promo of his career. But Taker did his part. He tipped his cap when HBK told his best friend that he can’t win this Sunday and proceeded to walk out on him. Undertaker walked away looking like a million dollars and with a smirk, which is something you never seen on The Deadman’s face.

But it hyped up the match more than The Rock and Cena’s confrontation. It wasn’t shocking that Cena gave the Attitude Adjustment to The Rock. Yes, it was an epic moment but we had an idea something physical was going to happen. Most fans didn’t expect HBK to make a live appearance last night. Therefore it was much more shocking and gave the fans a thrill they didn’t see coming.

As for this Sunday, we have a pretty good idea that The Rock and Cena will have a part II and The Miz will somehow play a role. But I’m more interested to see if HBK makes a cameo or run-in during the Undertaker-Triple H match. Does HBK know his buddy can’t win and that’s why he has to interfere to finally end the streak? Or, does the well-known jealous side of HBK come out and he costs Triple H the match just when it looks like he could defeat Taker? I may be going a little overboard on that one, but that’s the whole point. The mere appearance of HBK and what was said between the three men has opened a wide range of outcomes in this no holds barred match where anything is legal. Or, the match could just end with a clean victory.

We know what were getting with Rock, Cena and The Miz. I’m not trying to minimize it, but we all knew where this was heading from the start. Rocky is most definitely going to beat down The Miz at Wrestlemania. Then, he’s either going to give Cena “the rub” or they will continue their rivalry. It will still be great whatever the outcome is, but there is not a lot of room for imagination. Fans love to let their imagination run wild and play with crazy scenarios. The Triple H-Undertaker match simply offers more scenarios.


BTW, we asked what match should close out Wrestlemania in our poll. Here are the results:

WWE Championship: The Miz (C) vs. John Cena – 49%

No Holds Barred: Triple H vs. The Undertaker – 46%

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (C) vs. Albert Del Rio – 2%

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