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Was Daniel Bryan's firing a work?

WWE NXT rookie Daniel Bryan

WWE NXT rookie Daniel Bryan Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE

Daniel Bryan’s return is what everyone in the internet wrestling community is talking about this morning. His return at Summerslam was not only a shock to all, but it was executed very well in a big spot at Summerslam. The internet wrestling community is also buzzing how his firing a few months ago might have been a work. What that simply means is his firing was not real at all and the WWE planned it to make it look real only for the purpose of advancing a storyline.

The WWE has planned these works in the past. The most recent that comes to mind was the “firing” of Matt Hardy. He eventually returned and had a great feud with Edge that involved Lita and a whole big love triangle. But that’s not the point. The point is the WWE throws these swerves every once and a while.

We might never know if the firing of Daniel Bryan was a work, but I think his firing a few months ago was legit. Remember, he was released from his contract the night after Nexus invaded Raw for the first time. The story behind is release is that he choked ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie. A high-ranking WWE official saw a problem with that and made a comment to another high-ranking official. Apparently, the WWE is all about PG and those kinds of actions have no place on their programming. Bryan left and went back to his roots on the indy scene following his firing.

Here’s why I think it’s legit:

1.) The WWE has been pushing this PG thing for a while now and everyone on the roster is buying into it. When I interviewed John Cena for this blog, he was all for the push toward PG. Blood is barely seen anymore on WWE programming. The WWE is dead serious about this and they used Bryan as an example.

2.) The WWE would never keep Bryan under contract and let him work the indy scene to make his firing look more real. Why take the chance. What if he suffered a serious injury? Doesn’t seem logical.

3.) The WWE fired him with the intentions of letting him leave for a bit damn well knowing he would be back. I even predicted he would be back before the year ended. Wrestlers like Cena and Randy Orton publically came out and said they think he would be back. His firing has a lot to do with what I said in #1.

I could be wrong and if I am congratulations to the WWE for pulling the wool over our heads.

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