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Weird angle with Undertaker on WWE Smackdown

If you saw Smackdown tonight you saw one of the oddest displays on WWE programming in a long time. Kane came out and said he found his brother, the Undertaker, in a vegetated state and vowed revenge on whom ever did this. But wait, there’s more.

Then the druids come out with a casket and Kane fell to his knees and screamed. So by vegetated do you mean dead, WWE? Is this a funeral or a way to give Kane something to do since Taker is out with a serious injury?

This whole angle is completely screwed up and in every single way contradicts what the Undertaker character is about. The Undertaker is in a “vegetated” state? Is this the same character that goes out there and sits up after getting hit with Sweet Chin Music for a third time in a match?

The WWE has spent years, decades protecting the mythical character of the Undertaker. The WWE uses Taker on a part-time schedule so his character is not over used. They don’t let Undertaker sit in the audience at the Hall of Fame ceremonies because it’s something that doesn’t fit with his character. When the WWE paid tribute to Ric Flair they made Taker appear after Raw went off the air because it’s not in Taker’s character to appreciate Flair’s career.

But it’s okay to find Undertaker in a vegetated, comatose state. Makes no sense no matter how you look at it.

Then, the WWE makes Kane the bounty hunter. I have no problem with giving Kane something to do, but if you want people to pay attention to this angle Kane is not the person to run with it. Kane has not been relevant in the WWE since his unmasking a few years ago at Madison Square Garden. Kane getting revenge for Taker’s attacker? So what the WWE is telling me is that who ever beat Undertaker into oblivion is going to pay for it at the hands of Kane? I’d rather take my chances with Jerry Lawler looking for the attacker.

The only way the WWE can right this whole mess is if the man who attacked Undertaker is someone none of us in the wrestling community expect. I’m talking a big name that would send shockwaves through the WWE. As far as I know, Brock Lesnar is still under contract at UFC.

I realize Undertaker suffered orbital damage to his face and the WWE needs a way to get him off of TV for a while. I just cannot see the “creative” team, and I used the term “creative” loosely here, saying this was the way to get the man off TV. I’m guessing Taker could not physically get involved in this “beating” with the fear of further injury to his face, but there are ways to simply tell the fans he’s out for the time being.

The bare minimum, simply strip him of the spot he had in the Fatal Four Way pay per view. Taker was stripped of the World Title a few years ago and the fans went along with it. Anything but this garbage.

You know what the best part is, when Taker does return down the line, there will be little if no mention of this comatose beat down. Why? To protect his character. Weird, right?

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