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What match should close out Wrestlemania 27?

One of the biggest debates each year is what should be the final match at Wrestlemania. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter among wrestling fans and an easy blog post to write up. So, here we go.

Many old school wrestling fans will always say that a title match needs to close the show. They argue that no wrestler or match is bigger than the title. Last year proved that argument wrong when the “Streak vs. Career” match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels closed the show. There is no title bigger than giving a classy send off to HBK.

But, we’ve also seen big time non-title matches not close the show. Wrestlemania 18 closed with the WWE Title match between Champion Chris Jericho and challenger Triple H, who just returned from an injury that sidelined him for nine months. This is the same card that featured The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan in what was one of the biggest and most hyped matches in the history of professional wrestling.

This year, we have three possible matches that can close out Wrestlemania 27. Below, I will make the case for why each match should and should not close the show. After you read, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and vote in our poll.

WWE Title match: The Miz (C) vs. John Cena

Why it should close: This match has the face of the WWE, Cena. It’s never a bad idea to end the show with him. The Miz has become a leading man in this company and the top heel. Ending with his hand raised would be a huge boost to his rising star. And then there is the 800 pound elephant in the room – The Rock. The WWE has been teasing a confrontation between Rock and Cena. If they do throw down, that’s what everyone will be talking about on Monday morning. But, if Rock raises Cena’s hand and they don’t fight, then Cena gets that rub and the proverbial “passing of the torch.”

Why it shouldn’t close: Any way you slice it the match is second to what happens between Rock and Cena. I feel that Rock and Cena play nice and nothing physical happens between the two. Yes, Rock will give a Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow to Miz, but that’s not what everyone is getting exciting about right now. If Rock and Cena don’t get into a scuffle many fans will be disappointed and you don’t want to end the show leaving a bad taste in the mouth of fans. The PG audience would love to see Rock and Cena as buddies. But the older fans don’t, and those are the fans that the WWE is trying to get back ever since they brought The Rock back as the host of Wrestlemania.

World Heavyweight Title match: Edge (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Why it should close: I feel that this will be the better wrestling match of the two big titles. They have a solid feud going on Smackdown. If you’re a traditionalist, Del Rio won the Royal Rumble which usually meant back in the day that you were main eventing at Wrestlemania.

Why it shouldn’t close: Del Rio is just not one of two men I want to see before the biggest pay per view of the year goes off the air. Also, Edge is not as effective as a face therefore; the fans’ energy in this match might not be very high.

No Holds Barred match: Triple H vs. Undertaker

Why it should close: They’re the longest running stars in the history of the company and they’ve earned the right to be booked over titles. If Taker goes 19-0, he’s one year closer to that magical number of 20. If he loses, than this will be what every wrestling fan is talking about on Monday morning. Sorry, Rock.

Why it shouldn’t close: With the health of these two men in question, I don’t expect a great match. The special stipulation makes it a little more interesting and takes the attention off strict mat wrestling, but both men have not wrestled a match in months. Undertaker is in no condition to give a match like he has the last two years at Wrestlemania. Fans might be expecting a little too much.

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