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What match should close Summerslam?

Summerslam is just a couple of hours away and I noticed some buzz on the internet over what match should go on last tonight. I think there is no doubt that Team WWE vs. Nexus in the 7-on-7 elimination tag team match should be the main event. For the last few months, Nexus’ invasion has been built as the focal point of Raw. Why stop now when we have reached the big showdown between the WWE and Nexus.

Furthermore, this match has a little twist as we still do not have a definite replacement for the Great Khali. Does the Miz respond to John Cena and Bret Hart’s offer? Or, does someone else come to the rescue? Also, the fact that you have so much star power in this match it should be the main event at one of the biggest events the WWE puts on all year.

I know the WWE and World Heavyweight championships are the main titles and no one should be booked over that. However, there are special cases where I throw that unwritten rule out the window. Earlier this year we saw the Undertaker/HBK remtatch main event Wrestlemania and it’s rare that a title match doesn’t close out that event. I’m not saying Team WWE vs. Nexus is going to bring down the house like Taker/HBK, but it has been one of the better angles in the WWE for a long time.

As much as I like the potential of Sheamus/Randy Orton for the WWE Title, I just don’t see this match as main event quality for a Summerslam pay per view. Same thing with Kane and Rey Mysterio’s title match. Although, the WWE might want to send fans home happy and an appearance by Undertaker in that match could propel it to be the main event tonight.

We’ll just have to wait and see and I will be back tonight after Summerslam with my review.

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