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What's next for WWE and NXT angle?

The NXT invasion has grabbed the attention of the WWE Universe. Fans all over have stated how that was one of the best endings to Raw in a long time or ever. It was the best ending in a long time but hardly the best ending in the history of Monday night Raw.

Now that the WWE has shocked the hell out of all the fans, what’s next for this angle? The bar is set pretty high and I’m sure fans will be expecting more of what they saw on Monday night. The expectations are going to be lofty, but the WWE can pull this off and keep the fans guessing.

1. Keep the invasion angle going: What I mean by this is have the NXT rookies continue to ambush the Raw/Smackdown telecast. It should get to a point where Bret Hart calls on the WWE stars to form a coalition to stop NXT. It would be very unrealistic for the WWE stars to stand by and let this happen, they need to get involved. Plus, having the WWE protect themselves makes NXT look like a legitimate threat. I do wonder if the WWE will play it as every NXT star is not under contract except Wade Barrett. If so, the rest are trespassing which makes the rest of the NXT rookies like good. They’re fearless and all they care about is making their mark regardless.

2. Give NXT a savvy leader within the WWE: I’ve been looking through the roster and I don’t see any names that really jump out at me that could lead the NXT guys. Chris Jericho might be a decent name, but I want a non-wrestling figure. A Paul Heyman-type of a guy would’ve been perfect. The leader could be their voice since some of these guys are not that experienced on the mic. More importantly, the leader needs to be someone that has experience within the WWE who can pass their knowledge on to the NXT rookies. The NXT guys can’t dominate the entire WWE on their own. Thy need a leader that gives them all the inside information and maybe establishes motive.

3. Need a good motive: The “leader” of the NXT rookies can help establish the motive, but whatever it is it needs to be good. The WWE could play this one straight up: the NXT rookies are taking over. In with the new, out with the old. That would be a fine motive to play as long as it’s executed the right way.

4. Keep fans with more questions than answers: I would not give the fans all the answers on the next Raw. Sprinkle little nuggets over the next few shows. Keep them wanting more is the number one rule in show business. Slowly give the answers over a time span so the WWE can milk this angle for everything its worth.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you read a lot of wrestling sites there has been no mention anywhere of TNA. Ever since Monday night Raw went off the air it has been nothing but WWE and NXT.

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