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Who will host WWE's Wrestlemania? Not Sting!

Vince McMahon appeared on Raw last night for the first time in nearly a year and he didn’t come empty-handed. McMahon said that on next week’s show he will announce who will host Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta on April 3rd.

McMahon said the man who will guest host will be “the personification of that special moment” fans always expect at Wrestlemania. “There is only one man who can pull of this endeavor,” McMahon said. So who is it? Let’s take a look at the options!

Shawn Michaels: He is under contract with the WWE for things like this. HBK is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania. He’s a legend, a fan favorite, and with out a doubt a special attraction.

Sting: Do I really need to say more. Sting-to-the-WWE rumors have reached a fever pitch. With all signs pointing to Undertaker returning on 2.21.11, this could be the way the WWE introduces Sting if they can sign him. BTW, Sting's bio has been removed from TNA's website. Let's keep adding fuel to the fire. 

Goldberg: With Wrestlemania in the WCW’s former home, Atlanta, Goldberg would be a good fit. Many speculated that this Wrestlemania could have a WCW feel to it. So far, it doesn’t seem to be shaping up that way. But if Goldberg was the guest host then that would change the feeling a little bit.

Diesel (Kevin Nash): He made his return at the Royal Rumble and got the biggest reaction of the night. He signed a legends contract right after his return and has a pretty good relationship with the WWE and McMahon.

Justin Bieber: The WWE has wanted to get Bieber at a televised show for some time now. He’s the biggest thing in pop culture right now and fits in with the PG audience the WWE is dying to please.

Triple H: He’s The Game is about ready to return. Better yet, maybe pair him with Michaels and have a Degeneration X reunion at Wrestlemania.

Randy Savage: Why not? He’s another guy who is always rumored for the Hall of Fame yet it never happens. You gotta love the Macho Man. Who wouldn’t go nuts to see him make his long awaited return to the WWE?

Bret Hart: He’s available and has been quoted that he still wants to have a working relationship with the company.

The Rock: He recently posted on his Facebook page that he and McMahon are currently working on a project that will bring the Rock back to wrestling. Rock was adamant that he would not wrestle. A hosting gig would be a perfect way to bring back The Great One. The WWE always likes to have a Hollywood presence at Wrestlemania and the Rock would be filling that role as well.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: He’s coming back to host Tough Enough and this would be a great way to advertise the show launching again. No one gets a crowd going like Austin and he remains the most beloved star from the Attitude Era.

My Pick: The Rock. I just have a feeling he’s ready to make a small comeback with the WWE. His acting career is still going strong and he is always working on a few projects at a time. But like they say, there’s no place like home. Plus, coming back to wrestling might get the fans to the theater to see his movies.

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