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Wrestlemania 27 predictions: WWE title: The Miz vs. John Cena


Alfonso: If wrestling’s biggest star, John Cena, is in a world title match at the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania, it’s usually nearly a sure thing that he’ll have his arm raised in victory. The one X factor that could cause WWE to stray from that formula is the involvement of The Rock. “The Great One” has hinted about actually competing in the ring as part of his WWE return. And after giving away as much as WWE did for free on last week’s Raw, you’ve got to wonder what WWE has planned for this match that they think would top the first ever Cena-Rock confrontation, The Rock delivering a People’s Elbow on The Miz, and taking Cena’s finisher. One surprise they can deliver is to have The Rock get an impromptu title match at Mania, and leave the Georgia Dome as WWE champion. That could mean The Miz retaining and then dropping the title to The Rock, or Cena winning it and then defending it against The Rock (although I think delivering an impromptu Rock vs. Cena match without any hype would be insane.) Whatever role The Rock plays in this match is sure to affect the outcome. But, for now, I’ll stick with the safe bet and predict that Cena wins the title, and that he and Rocky make amends and work together to vanquish The Miz and Alex Riley.

Pick: John Cena

Anthony: There is no reason to take the title off The Miz right now. He’s the best overall performer in the WWE when it comes to getting heat and delivering on the microphone. I see Alex Riley playing a role in this match only to have The Rock stop him to make it seem like Rocky is going to aid Cena. I still don’t think Rocky directly costs Cena the title, but he will somehow play a role in Cena’s downfall inadvertently. Rocky is not going to let last Monday slide and he will retaliate after the match. This sets up Cena vs. The Rock down the line. A month ago I would have said The Rock will not wrestle in this comeback. But he’s in way too deep to not give the fans a dream match. Come to think of it, just a few weeks ago I thought Rock would raise Cena’s hand this Sunday. But Cena’s actions on Raw completely changed the ball game.

Pick: The Miz

Seth: A week, a month, a year ago I would have predicted Cena, but Miz is just absolute money right now. His run as champ has been a huge success thus far, and ending it here would serve no purpose. The past two years, Cena has won the World/WWE title at Mania, and both runs proved fairly meaningless. This match should focus on the Cena-Rock interaction. I'm still hoping that they use this match as a chance to finally pull the trigger on a Cena heel turn; imagine what would happen if Cena and Rock seemingly made up after the match, only for Cena to viciously attack out of nowhere. Cena-Miz for the title could carry through the whole year as a feud, but I'd keep the title on Miz, who needs it much more than Cena does right now. Let Taker's win be the big babyface moment on this show.

Pick: The Miz


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