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Wrestlemania 27: Undertaker vs. Cena

I said in my review of Wrestlemania XXVI that I would start my campaign for Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta. And thus, we begin right here and now.

From now until Undertaker retires he can no longer face mid-level guys at Wrestlemania. That means no Taker/Mark Henry matches like a few years ago. The 18-0 streak has become a main booking point at Wrestlemania the last few years and it will remain that way. Therefore, the Streak is now just as important as the two championships in many ways.

The WWE teased Cena/Taker before Wrestlemania 23 before Undertaker chose to face Batista after winning the Royal Rumble. There were rumors this year to have the Cena/Taker match, but plans changed. After the last few years, the WWE needs to have guys who are legitimate threats to the streak. No one poses a greater threat than John Cena. By the way, Cena has never lost at a Wrestlemania and has been the most successful star in the WWE the last few years. The WWE has built their entire company around Cena and will continue to do so for years to come.

It may be obvious that this is a main event match at next years Wrestlemania. It cannot fail and this is the best way you can follow up two straight years of classic Taker/HBK matches.

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