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WWE drops Randy Orton from upcoming film

Randy Orton celebrates victory during WrestleMania XXVI at

Randy Orton celebrates victory during WrestleMania XXVI at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. (March 28, 2010) Credit: AP

The WWE dropped Randy Orton from the upcoming film "The Marine: Homefront" because of his troubled past with the United States Marine Corps.

"WWE demonstrated poor judgment in signing Randy Orton for the third installment of the film 'The Marine,'" WWE told TMZ in a statement. "Despite Randy's popularity, the fact that he was dishonorably discharged from the USMC made it inappropriate for him to be cast in this film. He will no longer have a role in the film."

Current Marines are rejoicing at the WWE's decision. TMZ caught up with Cpl. Mike Vinn to talk about the issue.

"On behalf of all the Marines from Aco 1/4 98-02, that were outraged to hear about Randy Orton portraying a Marine in the next movie "Marine: Homefront", I'd like to thank the WWE for pulling Orton from the role when they heard about his disloyal service to the United States Marine Corps."

It has been no secret that Orton received a dishonorable discharged from the USMC before beginning a career in pro wrestling. The WWE has made reference to it in past storylines, including a special report on "WWE Confidential" in 2003. Orton served 38 days in a military prison for disobeying the orders of a commanding officer and going AWOL.

WWE Studios is producing the film, which is still scheduled to go into production this summer. The movie is slated to be released straight to DVD. There are reports that WWE Champion CM Punk, Cody Rhodes or John Cena could replace Orton in the lead role.

"The Marine: Homefront" is the third installment to the franchise. Cena starred in the the 2006 release of "The Marine." Ted DiBiase Jr. starred in the sequel "The Marine 2" in 2009.

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