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WWE Elimination Chamber preview and predictions

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Elimination Chamber 2010 is upon us, with some interesting stuff to offer ... so away we go:

SmackDown Chamber for World Title: Edge vs. Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Barrett vs. McIntyre. Yes, only five after the worked firing of Ziggler on Friday. Which leads to the theory I posted on Twitter this morning: Everyone acts like it's a five-man match, all five come out of their pods, then McIntyre eliminated. Kane and Barrett team up to knock down Edge and Mysterio; announcers bring up that they took out Taker months ago. Suddenly the countdown begins and the sixth pod lights up -- then a moment of silence and BONG! Taker comes out from under the pod or under the ring. He defeats Kane and Barrett to exact his revenge and then leaves and gets counted out (revenge was his goal, not the title). Then Edge goes over Mysterio.

Yes, it clouds the 2-21-11 thing a bit, but I'm still convinced that's for HHH's return, not Taker's.

There's also two other scenarios I could see playing out here, assuming they put a sixth person in the match: One is that it's Chris Jericho (don't believe everything you read online about "exciting new opportunities" or whatever -- Chris even talks in his new book about how he loves to work the people). Another is that Del Rio sneaks in and wins the title here.

I doubt you'll see Ziggler take the spot; it's very anticlimactic and kills whatever they started on SmackDown.

Raw Chamber for No. 1 Contenders Spot: Cena vs Orton vs Morrison vs Punk vs. R-Truth vs Sheamus. Cena is almost TOO predictable here, what with Cena vs. Miz already penciled in for Mania (Rock will NOT work a match). A swerve is possible; don't forget Cena's Chamber wins in 2006 and 2010 both ended with swerves, with Edge and Batista respectively winning the upper hand. The mark on me wants Punk to win (he's the most interesting character on TV right now), but I think Cena goes over, possibly with some kind of post-match hijinks.

WWE Title: Miz vs. Lawler. Miz retains and Cole gets involved to set up a Lawler match of some sort at Mania.

Kingston vs. Del Rio (non-title): Del Rio goes over, Kingston looks strong. I can see them doing a 10-man IC Title Ladder Match at Mania (no need to do Money in the Bank since it has its own PPV).

Tag Titles: Don't care. But I'd love to see Nexus get the rub.


Enjoy the show!

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